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Yocan Replacement Coil For Evolve/Pandon 0 Yocan Replacement Coil For Evolve/Pandon 0 2
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Yocan Replacement Coil For Evolve/Pandon

$13.99 $19.43
Yocan Replacement Coil For Evolve/Pandon is the product of brand Yocan, that is one of the best Coil with the option of Evolve/Pandon QDC Coil + Cap:5pcs.
GreenSound GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery 0 GreenSound GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery 0 2
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GreenSound GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery

$11.99 $14.27
GreenSound GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery is the product of brand Greensound, that is one of the best Accessory with the option of Purple:1pcs.
SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Coil 3pcs 0 SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Coil 3pcs 0 2
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SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Coil 3pcs

$14.99 $20.26
SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Coil 3pcs is the product of brand SMOK, that is one of the best Vape Replacement Coils with the option of Type: Standard Edition, Color: Baby V2 A1(7-Color), Baby V2 A1(Gold), Baby V2 A1(Stainless), Baby V2 A2(7-Color), Baby V2 A2(Gold), Baby V2 A2(Stainless), Baby V2 A3(7-Color), Baby V2 A3(Gold), Baby V2 A3(Stainless), Baby V2...
Vaporesso Nexus Replacement Coil 5pcs CCELL Coil:0 5pcs:1 Standard:2 CN:3 CN Vaporesso Nexus Replacement Coil 5pcs CCELL Coil:0 5pcs:1 Standard:2 CN:3 CN 2
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Vaporesso Nexus Replacement Coil 5pcs

$13.99 $17.71
Vaporesso Nexus Replacement Coil 5pcs is the product of brand Vaporesso, that is one of the best Vape Replacement Coils with the option of Resistance: 1ohm CCELL Coil, 1ohm Traditional Coil, Type: EU Edition, Standard Edition.
Vaporesso Nexus Replacement Mouthpiece 1pcs:0 US:1 US Vaporesso Nexus Replacement Mouthpiece 1pcs:0 US:1 US 2
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Vaporesso Nexus Replacement Mouthpiece

$5.99 $7.30
Vaporesso Nexus Replacement Mouthpiece is the product of brand Vaporesso, that is one of the best Vape Accessories and Batteries with the option of Color: Black.
Demon Killer Kanthal Prebuilt Voilence Coil 10pcs 7 Demon Killer Kanthal Prebuilt Voilence Coil 10pcs 7 2
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Demon Killer

Demon Killer Kanthal Prebuilt Voilence Coil 10pcs

Demon Killer
$9.99 $13.14
Demon Killer Kanthal Prebuilt Voilence Coil 10pcs is the product of brand Demon Killer, that is one of the best Vape Accessories and Batteries with the option of Type: Alien V2 0.25ohm, Clapception 0.35ohm, Framed Clapton 0.26ohm, Spaced Clapton 0.35ohm, Staple Staggered Fused 0.3ohm, Tri-twisted Clapton 0.35ohm, Tsuka 0.25ohm.

TOP 10 Best Vapes

Are you contemplating quitting smoking? Do you want to know what would be the best vape starter kits if you are just starting out? The answer lies in pod vapes. Quite similar to JUUL, you will find these mini vape kits to be quite user-friendly and compact, making them the ideal option for beginners. However, the problem is that the market is flooded with various options in these compact pod vapes. It is easy to be confused as to which choice would be right for you. How to make it sure that the vape you purchase does not prove to be a waste? To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best options that you will come across.

  1. Vaporesso Renova Zero

If you are looking for a device that would not only be compact and portable but would also manage to impress you with its design, the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod system is worth looking at. Provided with a beautiful design, this device is equipped with 650 mAh rechargeable battery. The battery manages to power the PCTG refillable Pod and the OMNI board Mini quite effectively. Durable Zinc alloy has been used for the construction of this device. Attention has also been paid to make sure that users are able to handle the device easily. The design incorporates small grooves for the purpose. It is available in different colors, each of which manages to give it a vibrant look. OMNI board Mini forms part of the model. The on/off button mechanism make use all the more easier. Various other features also form a part of the device including auto temperature control along with an LED light indicator. The indicator enables you to determine battery life. A micro USB port is present on the base, using which you can charge the battery in a jiffy. Available in All-in-One kit, the device comes with the CCELL coil along with ceramic heating. This paves the way for consistent vaping for a longer duration. The refillable pods are provided with a press to fill feature which ensures that refilling e-liquids is not something that you have trouble with. The device has been constructed keeping the requirements of beginners in mind. Thus, if you want a vape mod suitable for beginners and capable of providing you with a profound experience, this Vaporesso Zero is one that will not let you down.

  1. JUUL

This is one of those vape devices that are capable of providing you with ultimate vaping experience. Using nicotine salts found in leaf-based tobacco, instead of free-base nicotine as the primary ingredient, this device has the ability to leave you satisfied. Perhaps this is the reason that the device has become a rage within a short span. It is worthy of being counted as one of the best options. Reeking of elegance and simplicity, this compact device can be kept with you at all times, providing you with the alternative you seek for cigarettes.

  1. SMOK Nord

Designed with cobra patterns, this device offers you impeccable performance. Using 110mAh batter for power, this device also have the options in coils, making it compatible for all vapers, which includes 0.6ohm mesh coil as well.

  1. SMOK Infinix

Think of everything that JUUL has to offer and add the feature of refill to it. This is what SMOK Infinix is all about. The device is leak-free, being equipped with a tight draw to ensure that optimal safety and portability is provided. You can charge it within 25 minutes which is among the fastest charge times that you can expect to find. Pass-thru charging is also supported by it. Holding it is easy owing to the diamond-shaped body that it is provided with. The tapering down of the mouthpiece to assume an ergonomic shape makes vaping all the more comfortable for you.


This is among the ideal choices for those looking for long lasted battery along with portability. Equipped with an inbuilt 450mAh battery, this pod system has quite a few features working in its favor. Similar to other products by SMOK, this device is also designed with cobra pattern that makes it quite an elegant option. Refilling the 2ml pod is not something that you will face trouble with. A plastic stopper present on the side ensures that you do not have to worry about leaking. You get two pods for convenient change of flavor and backup as part of the kit.


Being highly compact and portable, this is the ultimate pod device for those who value discretion. If you want to make sure that your vaping goes undetected, this All-in-one pod device is just the thing you need. All that you need to do is add nicotine salts, and you can vape privately to your heart's content.

  1. JUSTFOG Minifit

Constructed with a profound quality of aluminum and plastic, this starter kit has a lot to offer. The tiny size ensures that you get optimal portability and do not have to face any problems in carrying it anywhere. It is also provided with the feature of 3-level LED that alerts you about the battery life. A fire button key is present, operating which you can commence with vaping. A 1.5ml pod along with 370mAh battery form part of it. Quite a few protection features are also present to ensure that safety during vaping is not compromised.

  1. Joyetech Exceed Edge

This pod system allows you to replace coil heads as per your convenience and preference. The design of this device has acquired inspiration from the sports car. With this pod mod, you will get delectable flavors as it is equipped with 1.2ohm head, making it highly suitable for those looking for mouth-to-lung experience. Compatibility with nicotine salts and high-nicotine is also ensured. This compact device is not just ideal for beginners. Advanced vapers will also be quite content with it.

  1. Aspire Breeze 2

Offering you improved filling method; this All-in-one device has a lot going in its favor. New features have been included to enhance the convenience and performance that it can provide. The ergonomic design makes it sure that holding it is comfortable for you while the compact size ensures that portability is not compromised. It is capable of holding 2-3ml of e-juice, and the U-tech technology has been retained to ensure that you do not miss out on the flavored experience.

  1. Eleaf Elven

This vaping device is provided with a unique airflow design. If the pod is inserted on one side, you get MTL draw which is tight while airflow is attained if you enter the pod from the other side. Weighing approximately 24g, this device is equipped with a 360mAh battery. Two 1.6ohm pods form part of it that can accommodate around 1.6ml e-liquid.

What does pod vape refer to?

This refers to a compact vape system that comprises of two parts. It includes a pod in which the vape juice is filled, and that is powered by a small battery. It can be found in two main designs, included refillable and pre-filled. Most options are automatic, but you can also find some with power buttons. Automatic pod vapes only need a drag to commence making vapor.

Pod vapes were designed for those just making the transition from smoking to vaping. Also called vape pods, pod systems and pod mods, these devices are referred to as the best option to quit smoking, as has been stated by a lot of smokers. Some found it more useful than vape pens.

The two main categories of pod systems

Two primary categories of pod systems are found, pre-filled and refillable. Both have their sets of benefits and disadvantages. Which system would be suitable for you is something that depends on your preference.

  • Refillable pod systems:this is the choice for those looking for more variety in terms of flavors. Users need to fill the pods manually thereby giving them the name, open-system vapes.
  • Pre-filled pod systems: these cannot be refilled as they utilize cartridges that are pre-filled, thereby giving them the name of closed system vapes as well. If you do not like the idea of struggling to find the right e-liquid and filling the pod, this is the right one for you.

Who will find pod mods a better option?

This is the option for those looking to quit smoking by adopting a simple method that would not leave them craving to drag a cigarette. The simple design and the satisfaction of nicotine that it offers ensure that one does not face withdrawal symptoms.

For experience vapers, this makes for a valuable ally when they need mouth-to-lung experience.

For the discrete vapors, the compactness and minimal cloud production works.

Pros of pod mods

  • User-friendly with a simple design
  • Compact
  • Designed for vapers looking for an alternative to smoking
  • Does not consume a lot of e-liquid
  • Flavors can be changed instantly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Offers a tight draw
  • Privacy
  • Less production of vapor

Pod systems have the edge over other options in quite a few ways. For one thing, they offer simplicity with optimal convenience. Ease of use is another feature that works in their favor as many do not like to be entangled with technicality.

Some benefits work even for experienced vapors. The easy switching of flavors is one such benefit. All that you need to do is insert another flavored pod, and you can vape away.

If conservation of e-juice is important for you, pod mod proves to be the best option. Lesser amount of e-liquid is used daily, thereby reducing the harm and also making it a cost-effective alternative. MTL style draw is another impressive feature.

Cons of pod mods

  • Less capacity of the battery
  • Minimal production of vapor
  • Limitations in flavor
  • Budget

There are a few disadvantages that need to be considered as well. Since these are provided with small sizes, their battery capacity is lower as compared to regular devices. They can also be a tad bit expensive.

How to use a pod vape

  1. Charge the battery to its full capacity.
  2. If you havepod system that is refillable, fill it with your preferred e-liquid by removing the plug or seal.
  3. Give the juice around 5 to 10 minutes to settle so that it is wholly absorbed in the wick.
  4. Attach the pod to the device tightly. Switch the device on if it is provided with manual function of on and off.
  5. Once the device is activated for a draw,puff it, not unlike how you would puff a cigarette. If your device has a fire feature button, it needs to be held as you inhale. However, avoid pressing it beforehand.

To make sure that your pods last for a long time, avoid vaping them when the pod is empty. You will end up increasing the risk of the coil being burnt. As the liquid nears finishing, refill it.

Which e-juice should be used for the vaping devices that have to be refilled manually?

E-liquid with Nicotine - the most preferred choice if you are using these compact vaping devices, JUUL is the brand responsible for its popularity and introduction.

Some other options – any juice for vaping device with content of 50% of PG is suitable. The ideal ratio of VG/PG would be 50/50. However, some require higher VG content.

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