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Biff Bar

Biff Bar Rechargeable 6000 Puffs

Biff Bar
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Biff Bar Rechargeable 6000 Puffs has 17mL e-liquid with 5% nic salt level and a rechargeable battery, providing tasty vapors.
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Biff Bar

Following the successful debut of CoilART in 2016, the top-selling brand of DIY vape items, Biff Bar is another vape brand owned by Coilart. Biff Bar carries on the tradition of Coilart brand products by focusing on innovative design and superior taste. Biff Bar, which essentially begins with the appearance and is loyal to flavor, is becoming more and more popular among users.

The business also upholds the custom of placing a high value on user experience, aggressively seeking out and gathering feedback from users all over the world in order to enhance the product and better everyone's experience.

Highlights Products Of Biff Bar

Biff Bar LUX Rechargeable Leather Edition 5500 Puffs

With a 13mL tank capacity and excellent flavor, Biff Bar LUX Rechargeable Leather Edition 5500 Puffs is a compact vaporizer. It takes pride in its outstanding vapor and delectable flavors. The disposable vape is extremely portable thanks to its stylish design.

Biff Bar Empty Counter Display

If you want to sample the different Biff Bar flavors and proudly display your selection, the brand has something for you. The Biff Bar empty counter display allows you to aesthetically arrange and display your Biff Bar vapes. Remember that it is specially made for Biff Bar vapes, meaning you can't use it for other brands.

Biff Bar 6000 Puffs Rechargeable

Both inside and out, Biff Bar 6000 Puffs Rechargeable is gorgeous. Along with 6000 puffs, 5% nicotine salt strength, and 17mL of prefilled e-liquid, it offers an amazing flavor and taste profile. Due to its modest weight, it is portable and practical to use.

Why Choose Biff Bar brand?

The following are the advantages of choosing Biff Bar for your vaping products:

  • Sleek design for a great grip and enhanced portability
  • Well-formulated and wide range of tasteful flavors
  • The mouthpiece is incredibly comfortable
  • Sensitive automatic draw
  • Clean and pure vapes due to the use of mesh coil technology
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