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About Pillow Talk

Recently introduced to the disposable vape market, Pillow Talk has made a name for itself by providing a diverse palette of flavors and efficient vapor production. The brand stands out with a rarely seen feature in the industry: a unique battery and e-liquid display screen. The enduring battery life, coupled with the delightful e-juice and a broad selection of flavors, makes every Pillow Talk product exceptional. Each puff taken from a Pillow Talk disposable vape guarantees a delightful vaping experience.

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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk Disposable 8500 Puffs

Pillow Talk
$23.99 $32.86
Pillow Talk Disposable delivers an impressive 8500 puffs of delightful and enduring vapor, with a 550mAh battery and a generous 13mL e-liquid capacity.
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