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Lost Mary

Lost Mary OS5000 5000 Puffs

Lost Mary
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Lost Mary OS5000 5000 Puffs has a special finish design like a planet surface, which makes it grippy. It can be recharged by a Type-C cable.
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Lost Mary

Lost Mary is a disposable e-cigarette device manufactured with a double mesh coil. Lost Mary is the product of Elf Bar, which is known to invent a product through a smart heating system in 2018.

Why choose Lost Mary

A perfect device for early and social vapors

All the collections of Lost Mary are designed for both the experienced and the new vapers. These devices are compact and lightweight because the brand considers the needs of first-time vapers. These devices can easily use on the go and on travel. The delicious taste from an inhale only makes Lost Mary ideal for everyone. And most Lost Mary are Type-C rechargeable.

Special design

The highlight of the design of Lost Mary is that it does not contain any complex buttons, settings, or compartments that confuse the new vapers. So, as you get a Lost Mary vape device, get ready to enjoy it! Its design provides a very pleasant as well as charming and beautiful feeling to the lips.

Activated inhale technology

The disposable vapes are equipped with draw activated mechanism. They are ideal for those who are addicted to smoking and want to enjoy a more pleasant experience than tobacco. It has to be pulled inside, and it provides adequate quantity for a fragrant and pleasant vaping experience. On the exhale, you can taste the undertone of the flavors.

Nic salt e-liquid

Nic salt is a juice containing nicotine in salt form. Nic salt contains naturally extracted ingredients from tobacco leaves, which is opposed to the pure form of base nicotine. Lost Mary's vape devices are pre-filled with e-liquid. So if you want up-to-base-free nicotine, this brand may be ideal for you.

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