There is a buzz around a new vape whose size is similar to the popular crowd-pleaser Elf Bar BC5000 and is a revamped version of the TE5000!

The newest and upgraded version of TE5000 offers superior performance and succulent flavors. The disposable vape, Elf Bar EBDesign TE6000 is a stylish device that offers a greater puff count.

A Firsthand Vape Unboxing

The lightweight, pocketable, and beginner-friendly device comes plastic wrapped in a colorful box that is easy to open.

Simple Packaging

The packaging of Elf Bar TE6000 is effortless. The device comes in a plastic wrapper for extra protection, so tear the packet, remove the plastic piece from the mouthpiece, and the sticker from the bottom before using.  

Moreover, the color of the vape box depends on the flavor you choose. It also includes an Elf Bar logo, flavor, warnings, parameters (like size, e-liquid capacity, puff count, etc.), and an ingredient list.

Transparent Vertical Patterned Outer Shell

The distinctive design of EBDesign TE6000 is modern and robust. Although the device is similar to other Elf Bar disposables, it offers elevated performance and higher puff count like no other.

The vibrant-colored vape features a transparent outer shell and a metal body. Plus, it is vertically patterned which makes the device appear stylish and unique.

Colorful and Creative Inner Shell

The unconventional and innovative TE6000 includes a vividly colored inner shell that makes it aesthetically appealing. The inner shell is also engraved with an EBDesign logo vertically and a TE6000 logo horizontally. You will also find its logo and small patterns on the inner shell makes the device more artistic and striking.

If you think that the color is the same for all TE6000 Elf Bars, you are mistaken. The color varies depending on the flavor you have chosen. Suppose you have purchased a flavor, Autumn, the device will have a medley of orange to deep orange to yellow colors.

In short, the device is pretty light and cool to carry. The compact and colorful TE6000 is ravishing and offers excellent functions.

A Deeper Look Into Functionality

Let’s dive deep to understand EBDesign TE6000 functionality a bit closely.

Less E-Juice Than TE5000

Although TE6000 is an upgraded model of TE5000, TE5000 still beats TE6000 in e-juice capacity. TE5000 offers 13.5mL e-liquid while the latter has only 10.3mL of e-juice. Therefore, it raises the question of whether the device can truly offer the 6000 puffs that it claims.

E-juice capacity is the biggest drawback here. However, the good thing is that you can recharge the device to make the most of the flavorful e-juice and satiate your cravings quickly and easily.

QUAQ Mesh Coil for Smooth Vapor

QUAQ mesh coil is a cutting-edge technology that offers a superior vaping experience. These mesh coils are an impeccable innovation as they consist of a finely woven mesh structure that offers a wide surface area for more vapor production and enhanced flavor.

This technology is committed to providing pure taste and delicate smoke. The coils heat evenly and efficiently vaporize the e-liquid to provide an enjoyable and intense vaping session. The presence of the QUAQ mesh coil makes Elf Bar TE6000 the best vaping companion as it is better than regular coils and enhances the vaping experience.

Safety Protection System

This device also includes safety protection to protect the users from any danger or damage while using the device. Short-circuit in vaping devices occur because of the defective internal wiring that causes the internal circuitry to burn. It features short-circuit protection by detecting overcurrent, always ensuring the safety of vapers.

Besides that, since this device is a disposable rechargeable vape, it includes an overcharge protection that eradicates battery overheating problems by automatically stopping charging the device when it is fully charged. Elf Bar TE6000 offers these safety features to keep it running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. These protections strip away the worries so that you can have enjoyable vaping sessions.

Type-C Rechargeable Battery for Longer Duration

TE6000 is a rechargeable disposable device and comes with a USB Type-C port present at the bottom. Thus, you can charge anywhere and anytime without getting worried that you will run out of battery juice.

In addition, the greater the battery capacity, the more energy the device’s battery can store. Plus, it has a 550mAh great battery capacity. Therefore, you can vape for an extended period without charging frequently.

Like the other Elf Bars, EBDesign TE6000 does not come with a charger. However, with its USB-C charging port, you can charge your vape within minutes without waiting too long.

Lower Nic Salt Level

Unlike other Elf Bars including TE5000, TE6000 has only 40mg nic salt. It is a perfect vape for novices, individuals who prefer lower nicotine levels, and those who enjoy social or casual vaping. It is also an outstanding alternative for those who are planning to quit smoking and prefer vapes that have less nicotine.

Moreover, the good thing is that Elf Bars use nic salts instead of freebase nicotine. Compared to freebase nicotine, nic salts are biocompatible and offer smoother throat hits.

TE6000 Best Flavors

Out of so many flavors, there are a few that hit you at the right spot and satiate your cravings instantly. These are the three TE6000 flavors that you must try!

  • Autumn

It is a delightful concoction of mango, melon, and minty flavor. It is an exquisite combination that is truly refreshing and reminds you of cool Autumn air. 

  • Juicy Peach

This flavor will immerse you in an ultimate juicy peach experience. The scrumptiously sweet candy peach flavor will guarantee satisfaction as the juicy, sweet peach nectar explodes in your mouth.

  • Ice Mint

Are you looking for a flavor to keep your body temperature down in the peak of summer? Ice mint is the one you want. The breezy and chilly feel with a minty blast will keep you cool and refreshed.

Compared With Other Elf Bar Products

Airo Max 5000 Puffs
Size78 by 42 by 22mm79 by 41 by 19mm74 by 45 by 24mm
E-liquid Capacity10.3mL13mL13mL
Battery Capacity550mAh650mAh600mAh
Nicotine Level4%5%5%
CoilQUAQ Mesh CoilDual Mesh CoilMesh Coil

All Elf Bars are amazing and offer unique features, but if you compare these three, TE6000 has less e-liquid capacity and battery capacity than the other two. However, it offers more puff count and exceptionally smoother hits because of the presence of a QUAQ mesh coil.

In addition, you might have to charge TE6000 more times than the other two, and its e-juice might run out before you can avail of its 6000 puffs. Plus, mostly all Elf Bars are compact, lightweight, handy, and pocket-friendly. They are the perfect travel companions as they fit easily in small, confined spaces.


It all comes down to this one last question: Is the TE6000 an outstanding upgrade compared with the TE5000? The answer is yes, in my opinion. It is true that Elf Bar TE6000 is a mediocre upgrade of TE5000 and has less e-liquid capacity.

But it comes with a QUAQ mesh coil that enhances the vapor. The 4% nic salt level is more friendly to new vapers and those who prefer low nicotine levels. The disposable vape is also rechargeable and includes a Type-C port so you can charge effortlessly anywhere, hence, making it a perfect companion for on-the-go vaping. Elf Bar TE6000 is portable, compact, very handy, travel-friendly, vibrant-colored, stylish, and straightforward to use. Although it is not an exceptional upgrade to TE5000, I cannot deny that it is a good vape. So, the overall score would be 4/5.

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