Your search for a longer-lasting disposable vape ends today with Snoopy Smoke 15000 puffs. It boasts a dual tank design offering a total e-liquid capacity of 36mL, which is the highest in the industry. Despite its high-capacity e-liquid and puff count, this device remains compact and portable. I urge you to read this review carefully to discover the mystery and performance of this vape.

The First Dual Tank Disposable Vape

Snoopy Smoke Extra Tank Disposable 15000 Puffs is undoubtedly the first of its kind. It boasts a dual tank design, which is much closer to being 2 disposable vapes that share the same battery. Each tank features a high e-liquid capacity of 18mL to give you a total of 36mL e-juice. Fortunately, these two independent tanks contain the same flavor to deliver excellent flavor production each time. I like that each tank was designed as a discrete unit for ease of use and convenience.

Separate Coil For Each Container

The only limit to the durability of rechargeable disposable vapes is their coil life. This is because each coil is engineered to last for a given duration and once it runs out that’s the end of its performance. Luckily, the Extra Tank features separate coils for each container. Dual tanks come with dual coils. Hence, you get to enjoy extra longevity as far as the mesh coil is concerned.

Big Liquid Capacity But Still Compact Body

Given the dual tank design, many would expect this device to be huge and bulky. Surprisingly, this disposable is not any larger than the industry standard disposable vapes. I like that this device remains compact enough to fit easily in the palm of my hand just like regular disposable vapes do. It has a rounded square shape design that is stylish and ergonomic to fit comfortably in the hands for a comfortable user experience. Although this device has a bit of heft to it, it is lightweight and small enough that you wouldn’t tell it houses 2 high-capacity tanks.

Removable Mouthpiece For Convenient Changes

What I find most fascinating about Snoopy Smoke vape is that it is easy to use despite its dual tank design. By design, these two tanks have two openings for accessing the e-liquid but just 1 mouthpiece for the same. One tank comes plugged with a silicone stopper while the other tank has a small mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is removable to allow you to easily access tank two once tank one is out of e-liquid. It is perfectly cylindrical to not only fit comfortably on your lips during use but also keep down the size to make the whole unit compact.

Type-C Rechargeable Battery For Lasting Use

I think it is quite cost-effective that the snoopy smoke extra tank houses a single 650mAh lithium-ion battery. This helps to conserve space while powering both tanks effectively. This battery is Type-C rechargeable to provide you with a quick and convenient experience. I like that the Type-C charging port is conveniently located between the two tanks, making it easy for you to charge it in an upright position. As a result, you are able to recharge the device without the e-juice leaking, unlike most devices that have the charging port placed at the bottom.

Delightful Flavors I Love

Notably, Snoopy Smoke 15000 puffs boast an array of flavor options for you to select from according to your tastes and preferences. To give you an insight into its flavor, some of these flavors are discussed below.

  • Black Ice

Experience the cool and intense flavor of Black Ice by trying out this vape. It is a stunning combination of blackberry and menthol. I find it sweet and syrupy with a great amount of cooling kick. This is a unique flavor that is not found in most disposable vapes and I think it will take the market by storm pretty soon.

  • Pina Colada

Let the Snoopy Smoke Pina Colada take you to a beach paradise with its tropical blend of pineapple and coconut. The pineapple and coconut flavors mix will give you refreshing throat hits every time. This flavor tastes exactly as advertised. The refreshing bite of pineapple goes well with the mild creaminess of coconut essence.

  • Red Juice

I was so curious about the Red Juice flavor by Snoopy Smoke because its name holds a lot of mystery. In my opinion, this flavor tastes like a combination of carbonated fruit flavors. And it tastes excellent. I think it can be very satisfying for vapers who enjoy soft drinks a lot.

Remarkable Performance And Expectancy

I’ve had high-end vapes before and I was a bit skeptical about Snoopy Smoke vape. But after trying it, I must say it is not a cheap device at all.

Vapor And Clouds

For starters, it is a very user-friendly device thanks to the auto-firing mechanism. This mechanism allows you to inhale and draw without having to press buttons or anything. The throat hit is really smooth and buttery, making every vaping session delicious and irresistible. The flavor is pure and smooth while the vapor is huge and fun to watch. And I like that the flavor remains delicious even as you exhale with no funny aftertaste that I’ve experienced with some high-end disposables.

Further Expectancy

For a large e-liquid capacity vape, I hope Snoopy Smoke Extra Tank can be equipped with individual airflow per tank to give you optimum flexibility and convenience. This means for every tank you are vaping from, you are able to customize the airflow for a personalized vaping experience. Also, an e-juice and battery life indicator will make the device cooler, which eliminates the annoyance of guessing. To give you peace of mind, safety features such as leakproof technology and an auto-shutoff function are also necessary for a disposable with abundant e-liquid because they prevent overheating and producing burnt tastes.

Final Verdict

Exquisite Design
Ease of Use
Brand Reputation
Vapor Flavor
Overall Score

To sum it up, Snoopy Smoke 15000 puffs will rival so many disposables on the market due to its high puff count and e-liquid capacity. It is stylish and durably made to offer optimal longevity and performance.

This device comes with two advanced mesh coils to guarantee great flavor and vapor regardless of the tank. It is easy to use with the draw-activated mechanism. Besides, it has popular nic salt flavors for you to choose from. I can confidently give this device 4.5 stars out of 5 and recommend it to all pro vapers and newbies alike.

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