In the fast-paced world of vaping, innovation knows no bounds. This blog delves into the fierce competition among three 8000-puff disposable vapes: Beco PLUSH Disposable 8000 Puffs, UWELL Gabriel BF8000, and Airis Neo P8000. These vaping powerhouses are vying for supremacy, each armed with unique features and designs that promise an exceptional experience. Let’s dive into the details and find out which one emerges victorious.

An Overview Of These 3 Disposable Vapes

 Beco PLUSH Disposable 8000 Puffs
UWELL Gabriel BF8000
Airis Neo P8000

Size82mm x 45mm x 26.2mm86.7mm x 43mm x 23.1mm98.4mm x 45mm x 23.7mm
E-Juice Capacity16mL18mL20mL
Battery Capacity800mAh500mAh650mAh
Coil1.0ohm Mesh Coil1.2ohm Mesh Coil1.0ohm Mesh Coil
Adjustable Airflow//Yes
Flavor Options171515
Battery Indicator//Yes

Each device brings its strengths. Airis Neo P8000 shines with its impressive battery capacity, adjustable airflow, and diverse flavor options. However, Beco PLUSH Disposable proved its worth with various flavors and a strong battery. UWELL Gabriel BF8000, while offering a unique coil and compact design, may find itself slightly outmatched by the other two contenders in terms of battery life and features. According to my guess, the winner is Beco Plush Disposable 8000 Puffs.

Now, we’re diving into a showdown between three prominent contenders: Beco PLUSH Disposable 8000 Puffs, UWELL BF8000, and Airis Neo P8000. These sleek and compact devices are making waves in the vaping community, but which one will emerge victorious?

Round 1: Design and Appearance

In the realm of aesthetics, these vapes present a captivating showdown.

  • Beco PLUSH: Classy Rubber Shell

Beco PLUSH boasts an elegant rubber shell that’s both comfortable and smooth. The device has a rubberized coating over the plastic and then a rubberized coating over the top. It’s supposed to be like a fabric, but it’s rubber. The sides feel grippy and look nice and classy overall.

  • UWELL Gabriel BF8000: Gradient Colors

Gabriel BF8000 has a Macaron gradient color with shades that symbolize zeal, style, and sweetness. Peach Blueberry does have blended colors of orange and green. Mix Berry 8000 Puffs does have dark blue and light blue mixed color, and the flavor tastes like multiple berries with a mixture of sweetness.

It also features anti-slip technology, employing a spiral construction for enhanced sliding resistance. The vertical stripes entice consumers. The matte body and parts are very smooth, and I feel nice when I touch them. The manufacturers combined the art and technology simultaneously.

  • Airis Neo P8000: Bold and Neon Color

Airis Neo P8000 takes a bold approach with its neon color options, catching the eye and reflecting the vibrancy of the vaping experience. The red color of Strawberry Watermelon is attractive and personally got my attention, giving me vibrant feelings. The design is simple, easy to carry and use, and everything regarding this vape is smooth.

In this round, aesthetics meets individual taste, making it a draw where personal preference takes center stage.

Round 2: Durability

Regarding endurance, e-liquid capacity, and battery capacity play a pivotal role.

  • Beco PLUSH: The Highest Battery Capacity But The Least E-Juice

Beco PLUSH boasts the highest 800mAh battery capacity, ensuring extended vaping sessions. However, a 16mL e-juice level might leave some craving more. It’s perfect for those who value battery life.

  • UWELL Gabriel BF8000: Moderate E-juice and Smallest Battery

With a balanced 18mL e-juice and 500mAh battery capacity, UWELL Gabriel BF8000 caters to those who seek a reliable vape with manageable dimensions. It’s a middle ground that offers convenience.

  • Airis Neo P8000: The Largest E-liquid Capacity

Airis Neo P8000 shines in 20mL e-liquid capacity. It is a fantastic choice for vapers who prioritize prolonged use without frequent changing. And the 650mAh Type-C rechargeable battery capacity is also acceptable.

The decision is subjective and comes with the person’s personal preference. If someone wants to avoid recharging the vape frequently, then Beco PLUSH is the right option. Still, if someone wants a balanced E-juice and is accompanied for a short trip, UWELL Gabriel BF8000 will be the right choice as it has a small battery. I prefer Airis Neo P8000 with the largest e-liquid capacity because of the long-lasting use time, and this vape is the winner of this round.

Round 3: Special Features Of These Disposable Vapes

Unique features set these vapes apart, enhancing the vaping experience. UWELL BF8000 and Airis P8000 stand out with their additional features.

  • UWELL Gabriel BF8000:

UWELL BF8000 boasts a high-resistance 1.2ohm mesh coil that conserves power and e-liquid consumption. The vapor produced by this coil is cooler, battery power will last longer, and less e-liquid is used because of the high resistance.

The Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology ensures an optimized taste by controlling the heating temperature and restoring the e-juice flavor.

  • Airis Neo P8000

Airis Neo P8000 shines with an adjustable airflow dial, battery indicator, and Airis Pure Core chipset, enhancing customization and user convenience.

The airflow control function is key in providing better vapor. Regular airflow control is a switch positioned on the bottom, but this vape is a ring situated on the top. Users can switch between MTL and DTL vaping methods by turning the ring.

The ring battery indicator is stylish and has modern designed colors of light. If the battery is 30% less charged, then it will give a red light, and if the battery is charged between 30%-70%, then the blue light will be on, and if charging is above, then 70% then the color of light will be green.

The chip is safe and easy to use daily. It provides 6 safety protections, including short circuit protection, lower power protection, stable power output, charging protection, BLN control, and quick-response ignition.

In this round, innovation takes center stage, with UWELL Gabriel BF8000 showcasing advanced coil technology and Airis Neo P8000 flaunting versatile features. Airis Neo P8000 is the king vape and winner.

Flavor Recommendation

Delicious flavors add another layer of enjoyment to the vaping session. I’ve tried some flavors of these 3 vapes and the following savors are worth trying.

  • Beco PLUSH: Cherry Lemon

For those who savor a zesty delight, Beco PLUSH offers a compelling combination of cherry and lemon, creating a harmonious fusion of tart fruit flavor.

  • UWELL Gabriel BF8000: Blueberry Watermelon

UWELL Gabriel BF8000 entices with the sweet allure of blueberry and watermelon, a refreshing treat that tantalizes the taste buds.

  • Airis Neo P8000: Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Airis Neo P8000 introduces a harmonious and exotic blend of ripe kiwi, sweet passion fruit, and crisp guava, transporting vapers to a tropical paradise of taste.

Rating Time: Who Can Win this battle?

Beco PLUSH 8000 Puffs

UWELL Gabriel BF8000

Airis Neo P8000

Ease of Use
Ease of Use
Ease of Use

In the ultimate showdown, each vape has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s break down the battlefield:

All vapes present unique and captivating designs that cater to different aesthetics. And all three vapes have small sizes, ensuring convenient portability. Each vape comes from respected manufacturers known for their quality products.

UWELL Gabriel BF8000 and Airis Neo P8000 offer advanced features that enhance the vaping experience. Beco PLUSH shines with its high battery capacity, while the Airis Neo P8000 impresses with its substantial e-liquid capacity. The advanced mesh coils and flavor adjustment technology in this disposable vape offer an exceptional taste.

Considering these aspects, Airis Neo P8000 reigns supreme in disposable vapes, combining elegance, innovation, and performance in one compact package. However, the choice ultimately rests in the hands of the vaper, with personal preferences dictating the victor. You will have amazing vaping sessions whichever vape you choose.

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