Biff Bar is a disposable vape brand that has gained popularity in recent years. Its top-sale product includes Biff Bar 6000 Puffs and Biff Bar Lux. Especially Biff Bar Lux, the faux leather shell and the patterns on it make it like the luxury in disposable vapes.

Although we have introduced some great flavors in the previous reviews, some vapers may find it hard to pick a flavor that suits their preference. In this blog, I will highlight the salient features of Biff Bar products and introduce you to their most popular flavors.

First Luxury Disposable Vape: Biff Bar LUX

Biff Bar LUX stands out not only for its unique design but also for its performance. Adorned with a faux feather shell, it mimics the texture of real leather, complemented by the patterns reminiscent of Gucci bags, exuding style. I love the feeling when I grip it in my palm. This device looks like a real luxury and the first disposable vape with such a luxurious design on the vape market.

It delivers an extended 5500 puff vaping experience. The device features a 650mAh battery and a convenient Type-C charging port, ensuring quick, efficient recharging. It houses a 13mL e-liquid capacity and utilizes a mesh coil for clean and dense vapor.

Biff Bar LUX Rainbow

Rainbow can be your favorite if you like sweet and sugary flavors. It blends different flavors of cotton candy. The black and white color matching on the shell gives no idea about the rainbow. But the sweet smell immediately brings you into a dream. It feels like you are lying on a soft and light cloud in the blue sky and the rainbow is right next to you. When exhaling, you will be back to the real world and praise its taste and the amazing experience it provides.

Biff Bar LUX Dragon Paradise

The name “dragon” may confuse you. It stands for dragon fruit, a tropical fruit. This flavor also mixes the juicy kiwis and ripe guavas, like a great symphony of tropical fruits. Upon the first inhale, you’re greeted with the dragon fruit, boasting a sweetness that’s both refreshing and invigorating. This is harmoniously balanced by a subtle undertone of mixed tropical fruits, adding complexity to the overall taste. This savor is not as sweet as its counterparts, which is friendly to those who prefer less sugary flavors.

Biff Bar LUX Straw-Colada Ice

Straw-Colada Ice will amaze you with its complex savor mixture. It gets pineapple upfront, nectarous strawberry on the exhale, and the perfect amount of ice, making it an all-day vape for me. I was surprised that there is a pineapple undertone in it at the first puff since the red and green shell doesn’t show me the exact flavor. And I like the classic pina colada note, a perfect blend of ripe pineapples and creamy coconut that adds an exotic twist to this flavor.

Fashion and Refreshing Design: Biff Bar 6000

Biff Bar 6000 Puffs is equipped with a large 17mL e-liquid capacity, allowing for a lengthy enjoyment. Encased within its sleek plastic shell is a 650mAh battery, coupled with a user-friendly Type-C charging port for hassle-free and efficient recharging.

The aesthetic appeal is not to be overlooked. The colorful shells of different flavors grasp my attention. The unique patterns covering the device and the printed brand logo emblazoned on the front make this vape look fashionable and refreshing. Its transparent mouthpiece decorates the overall look. While it may not boast the same appeal as Biff Bar Lux, the large e-liquid offers you a long-lasting and consistent vape journey.

Biff Bar 6000 Love Story

Don’t be misled, it isn’t named after “Love Story” by Taylor Swift but is actually a Blue Razz Lemonade flavor. As an experienced vaper, I also have no idea how they come up with the name.

The saccharine and tart blue raspberry and lemon awaken your senses, which reminds you of the first person that touches your heart and makes it pump fast. The lemon interprets the jealousy and sadness in the relationship. Its soft and creamy hit doesn’t tickle your throat, ensuring a pleasing vaping journey.

Biff Bar 6000 Frozen Chocolate

Frozen Chocolate is a controversial flavor due to its taste and resemblance to mint chocolate. Some individuals find the intensity of the mint flavor to be overpowering, which doesn’t appeal to everyone. The predominantly green shell with brown patches further reflects this taste profile.

Upon initial consumption, the consumer experiences the brisk and refreshing mint flavors that instantly invigorate the palate. This is quickly complemented by the luscious and rich flavor of creamy chocolate, serving as a pleasant counterpoint to the sharpness of the mint. Therefore, this combination of cool mint and creamy chocolate is particularly appreciated by those with a preference for minty flavors.


After tasting these flavors above, Biff Bar is a disposable vape brand that tends to explore innovative tastes, especially in the names in my opinion. They are not just manufacturing vape bars, but also stimulating your imagination with their unique flavors.

To be honest, it is hard to pick my favorite one since each savor gives me a different experience. I will choose Rainbow if I have to. The cotton candy tastes dance on my palate, providing a sweetness that’s satisfying, yet not overpowering. I am also captivated by the dreamy sensation it evokes with every inhale.

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