iJoy Bar SD10000 disposable vape has taken the vaping market by storm since its introduction. It combines excellent craftsmanship with advanced technology to deliver unrivaled performance. Our team had the opportunity to try and test iJoy Bar SD10000 to experience its incredible feel and performance and we’re delighted to give you an insight into this amazing vape. Take a look.

Compact And Sleek Color Palette Design

iJoy Bar SD vape has all the great features that you’d be looking for in your ideal disposable vape. It is compact, sleek, and lightweight, making it comfortable to hold and use. Unlike most devices that are dull and boring, iJoy has a great first-impression. It boasts a bright color palette and shiny outer shell that adds a touch of class and elegance. What I love most about the color palette is the gradient color-design that represents the flavor of each device. This way, it is easier for me to identify the current flavor that I am using even if I have two this vape products. Moreover, it is complete with a see-through mouthpiece that lets you monitor your vaping.

Innovations And Core Features

This 10000 puffs disposable is no ordinary vape since it has numerous innovations and core features. Read on keenly as we walk you through these innovations.

20mL Prefilled E-Liquid Extends Vaping Pleasure

iJoy Bar SD10000 has raised the bar when it comes to aesthetics, innovation, and e-juice capacity. With an e-liquid capacity of up to 20mL, this device has one of the highest capacities the industry has seen today. This is an assurance for me and you that it can support all the 10000 puffs without interruption.

Optimized Mesh Coil Creates Smoother Hit

This vape also stands out for its smooth hits thanks to the optimized mesh coil design.  It is equipped with 0.8ohm mesh heating element that works exceptionally to deliver unrivaled experience. The mesh coil performance is also evident in the vapor, making it warm, dense and rich in flavor to satisfy your cravings.

SD Mode Adjustable Airflow Customized Your Preference

What I like most about this disposable vape is that it gives me the ability to personalize my vaping experience according to my taste and preference. This is owed to the unique SD mode that lets me vape with a more open or closed airflow for a smooth and tighter draw as I please. The first airflow setting is more like regular vapes while the second setting offers more flow and power.

Informative Digital Screen For Battery And E-liquid

To reassure you that iJoy is committed to your convenience and user-friendliness, they have included an informative digital screen. This screen shows the e-liquid level as well the battery life every time I take a puff. This is my favorite feature in this device because I am able to enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions by monitoring my battery and e-liquid levels every step of the way.

My Experience And Flavors I Have Tried

Admittedly, I have a great experience with iJoy. I like the captivating design that comes in bright colors. It is well-made and durable enough to stand the test of time. I like that this disposable vape has a high puff count as well as enough e-juice and battery to give me long-lasting performance.

Also, this vape features a vast range of flavors to give you an immersive sensory journey.  Not only are the flavors smooth but also delicious making every vaping session fun and enjoyable. I tried a few flavors that gave my palette an extraordinary experience. I will list and discuss them below, so you can see if you can try them out too.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the numerous flavors that iJoy Bar SD10000 has to offer. Thus, if you they don’t hit the spot, you can always choose the one that suits your taste and preferences.

  • Blueberry Watermelon

Blueberry Watermelon flavor is certainly a unique blend. You don’t see blueberry and watermelon put together very much but I think this is well-done. I feel the taste of blueberry and watermelon in a 50-50 situation. I can feel both of the flavors, since none comes out as overbearing.

  • Mint

If you are a Mint lover, I promise you will enjoy iJoy Bar SD10000 mint flavored vape. It is a great blend of mint, that in my opinion tastes like lime-green mint. I like that it is subtle yet cooling and refreshing. Also, the vapor is massive and flavorful just like the rest of iJoy vapes.

  • Chicago Slushee

Chicago Slushee will give you an icy freshness with a hint of the urban buzz that defines Chicago city. It has a tantalizing taste that is both cooling and comforting. I like that this flavor also produces thick flavorful clouds to give you added visual appeal. Moreover, it is pretty smooth and does not hurt the throat.

Similar Size Products

Disposable Vape Devices That Have Similar Size Like:

Compared With Other 10000 Puffs Vape

 iJoy Bar SD10000VIHO Turbo
So Soul NOLA Bar
E-Liquid Volume20mL17mL22mL
Charging TypeType-CType-CType-C
Battery and E-Liquid IndicationSmart ScreenIndicator Light/

When compared to VIHO Turbo and So Soul NOLA bar vape, our team discovered that iJoy Bar SD10000 shares a similar Type-C charging port design with them. Other than it varies with the others as evident below.

iJoy Bar SD vape differs with VIHO in terms of battery and e-liquid capacity. iJoy has a higher e-liquid capacity of 20mL while VIHO Turbo has a 17mL e-liquid volume. On the other hand, I noticed iJoy has a smaller battery capacity of 650 mAh while Turbo has a higher capacity of 850mAh, its battery life is robuster than the former. But Turbo’s size could be a bit bulky due to the larger battery. And while iJoy has a smart screen, Turbo has a simplistic indicator light which could leave you guessing.

So Soul NOLA Bar has a higher e-liquid of 22mL than iJoy. Similarly, iJoy has a smart screen that shows e-juice and battery level while So Soul vape does not have this feature. Surprisingly, iJoy also shares a battery capacity of 650mAh with So Soul vape, both of them can ensure the vape lasts through the 10000 puffs.

As for me, the balanced performance and flavor variety of iJoy Bar SD10000 has a slight edge, especially when considering the convenience of battery and e-liquid indicators, coupled with a robust battery life.

Overall Rating

iJoy Bar SD10000

Unit Color

VIHO Turbo

Unit Color

So Soul NOLA Bar

Unit Color

Pros And Cons


  • Sleek and transparent mouth-piece design
  • Smart screen easy to check battery and e-liquid level
  • 650mAh rechargeable battery ensures all-day use
  • Adjustable power settings suit individual preferences
  • Convenient Type-C charger provides fast and efficient recharging


  • 5% nicotine strength might be too strong for some users

The Verdict

Of all the disposable vapes that I have tried in the recent past, iJoy Bar SD disposable vape has met and exceeded my expectations. For starters, the brand has a good reputation for producing excellent disposables with great flavors and outstanding performance. Secondly, it is equipped with innovative core features and smart technology that ensure uninterrupted vaping. If I were to rate this device, I would give it 5/5 stars. Generally, it is exquisite, compact, and easy to use.

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