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2 More Reasons Why We Like Elf Bar BC5000 Besides Flavors

BC5000 with the flagon shape is a star vape from Elf Bar. It is compactly designed with contrasting colors, delivering an impressively whopping amount of puffs than other 90% disposables available on the market. Besides its wide-ranged flavors, there are two more reasons that it attracts me.

Catchy Design

I always prefer the pretty design vape, which helps me to look chic. Honestly, the aesthetic feel of BC5000 meets the expectations of premium quality. Secondly, the pocket-friendly style with a glossy finish boosts the central performance. BC5000 is a faithful companion for me, and I love having it with friends or on vacation. This bantam disposable vape is the favorite vaping device of my friends, too, apart from the flavors of Elf Bar. In short, grip, texture, color combinations, and look and performance will cheer you up. Grab it before it sells out, and thank the Elf later for its top-end vaping potential.

Built-In Dual Coils

Elf Bar 5000 makes me experience the enchantment of flavored hits via its dual coils. I’m over the moon with the quick-working dual mesh coils. This device produces superior and purest tasty vapors punch. Thus, every inch of BC5000 device is made for dense cloud enthusiasts. I have to say that Elf flavors palate has more layers with its built-in mesh coils because they grant the taste buds to gratify intense cravings when it hits the throat. I completely adore potent hits with this unique design and immense clouds. Moreover, its battery longevity has a greater lifespan that keeps a long vaping journey after each full charge.

Elf Bar BC5000 How To Charge?

BC5000 can be recharged by a USB Type-C charging port presented at the bottom. This vape is pretty straightforward to charge, so it does not require any complex operation. It offers quick charging. You will need a Type-C charger (not included in the package) to charge the mod. When the LED light at the bottom indicates red light, it means that the battery is on the verge of dying. However, how long it will last after full charging? An Elf Bar 5000 takes around thirty minutes to an hour to recharge, although there is no single answer concerning how long it will take to charge. Plus, it depends upon how much battery was left when you put the device to charge.

Why My Elf Bar 5000 Not Charge?

If your BC5000 is not charging, there could be many reasons. These are as follows:

  1. The vape has reached its maximum puff count.
  2. You might have a defective vape. That’s why it is not charging.
  3. Ensure that the charger and power source is working.
  4. The charger is not securely connected to the vape as it is dirty.

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