VapeNico is committed to collecting the best disposable vapes and discovering magnificent flavors with the increasing options in the industry. Thus, we have tried a vast range of Esco Bars. And we are surprised at their sense of infusing fragrance. This brand presents unimaginable combinations like aloe, mango, apple, and even a vibe of seasons like winter and summer. Get ready to virtually taste these flavors in your mind, finding the ultimate one that suits your taste buds.

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3 Strategies That Make Esco Bars Flavors Catchy In the Market

There are countless brands selling flavored disposable vapes. They come up with new ideas besides fragrance and innovate in the design. However, few of them have gained crazy popularity like Esco Bars flavors. Here are three strategies that this brand makes its collections catchy and dominant in the vaping market.

  • Co-Branding Brings Uniqueness

Instead of insisting on only promoting disposable vapes that are made by their own brand, Esco Bars join hands with other brands like Noms and Fruitia. These collaborations give more inspirational flavors to the market and consumers, making it a unique option for e-juice lovers. Most other brands operate single, which confines their creativity, ultimately reducing their popularity in the market.

  • Well-Formulated Flavors

Esco Bars flavored puff sticks available in the market mostly have only 5 to 10 options. As my investigation shows, some brands like Hyde and Elf bar provide at least 15 options for each disposable vape. However, Esco Bars focuses more on its flavors because they know the importance of quality and quantity. The brand puts effort into making the finest flavors, spending high concentration on finer savors and infusing them into e-juice. It’s a distinction from the way that launching a bulk of taste options at one time.

  • Limited Options Make Decisions Easier

As the previous point that I mention, fewer options and setting memorable flavors render the consumers easily remember the special tastes. That’s the wise of Esco Bars. Providing fewer choices will decrease the time that vapers spend on selecting their desired flavor. And the unique taste will continuously attract new customers. A few examples of this brand’s exclusive options in the market include Mango Lassi, Vanilla Custard, Blueberry Bubblegum, Strawberry Milkshake, Blood Orange Tangerine, and Blueberry Ambrosia.


Esco Bars flavors are fabulous in general. I have tested a lot for this review, and it feels like I had never loved the vapor hits this much. Some of them present rich layers of taste, some give me the imagination of the ingredients, and some even remind me of childhood memories. It’s a great brand that offers products that touches my heart. Now pick your fateful one here and feel how it tastes.

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