Who doesn’t want to enjoy the amazing vaping flavors with a fruity twist? If you think that fruity flavors are mild and will not give you enough fun, then you are wrong. You need to try the best Hyde Vape fruity flavors just like I did, and now I can’t get enough of them.

The moment you take your first inhale of the fruity-flavored vape, you get a burst of nicotine mixed with best-chosen fruits. After testing different fruity flowers, I’ve compiled the five best ones to share with you. Let’s ride through these fruity flavor recommendations.

Hyde X 3000 Puffs Apple Peach Watermelon

A direct hit on my throat with a tangy peach flavor and the apple’s sweetness. Other than the flavor that touched my taste buds, I found it amazing that the vape was ready to use right out of the box. All of you trying to get a good start in vaping must grab this one. You can have the mild taste of the fruits yet with a mix of three fruits, each with a different flavor tone. When I tried it, I loved the feel of sweetness from the watermelon giving me a good start to the day.

Hyde Retro RAVE 5000 Puffs Sour Apple Ice

A huge puff count of 5,000, combining minty and sour flavors in one place, is unbeatable. I am ready to add Hyde Retro 5000 puffs to my favorites list from the very first inhale. You feel like you’re sitting on a beach on an island and sipping a cocktail with green apples and mint garnishing the glass. Yes, it may feel like an exaggeration, but it evokes. I didn’t even want to try any other flavor after this one, but as I am a person of more flavors to my taste buds, I kept adding more.

Hyde IQ 5000 Puffs Watermelon Fizz

Have you ever tried a watermelon drink mixed with soda? Hyde IQ 5000 puffs watermelon fizz is exactly like that. This one gives you a fruity watermelon flavor combined with the bubbly sensation of soda. You can’t get enough of it once you start to vape. But Hyde cares about its users and provides 5,000 puffs for never-ending enjoyment. The flavor is so strong that you can feel it before trying it. Just smell it before opening and you will understand what I mean.

Hyde N-Bar 4500 Puffs Strawberry Guava Ice

Get this one flavor and enjoy a mixture of two fruits in a single vape with enough nicotine. A blend of sweetness and a tangy flavor of the strawberry is the best thing you can try in a vape. The vapers who are confident and love to put their hands on different flavors with a bit of strong flavor must give this a shot. I never loved guava, but this vape changed my taste preferences. Because the way Hyde has added up the flavor of guava in this vape is truly exceptional.

Hyde I.D. 4500 Puffs Dragon Fruit Lemonade

Lemonade is a favorite drink of almost every person, right? So how about trying it in a vape with the addition of dragon fruit? This option is the star of my list because it felt like sipping icy-cold lemonade through a glass when I tried it the first time. The extra flavors you get with the dragon fruit feel like a bonus from Hyde for the vapors, which have been putting their lips to so many vapes and now want to try something new. The unique dragon fruit combined with the ever-popular lemonade makes Hyde I.D 4500 puffs dragon fruit lemonade stand out.

Concluding Remarks

You must be well aware of all the flavors now, and I bet you had felt all of them in your mouth while I was telling you how they felt when I tried them the first time. You can get these online or in-store and start a new vaping journey.

Instead of sticking to only one flavor, I suggest being brave and trying different flavors before you can fix yourself on one or a few. You never know, a flavor you might think is not worth it brings you to a new vaping world. Now, I am going to enjoy my favorite sour apple ice flavor.

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