With the ever-growing vape market, brand-new and unique vape products are being launched with better designs and features. Each brand is trying to excel in creating disposable vapes according to consumer needs, and that’s why we have compared Snowwolf Ease and ZoVoo DragBar F8000.

These brands have outdone themselves in creating the best 8000-puff vape disposables. But we have found some differences while using both of them. So, here is our detailed review!

Unbox the Vape

Snowwolf Ease:

This cup-shaped disposable vape is about 40 x 108mm and comes in a decent box with a stand on which the vape stands upon. What intrigued me to purchase this disposable vape is that it looks like a slushy cup, has 8000 puffs, and is handy.

It has a bent mouthpiece and 1.0ohm mesh coil, can produce delectable vapor clouds, and includes a 650mAh rechargeable battery.

ZoVoo DragBar F8000:

This pod mod-shaped vape comes in a rectangular box that includes all the information like its features, warning, and ingredients. Inside the box, the device is in a plastic bag. After taking it out, there is a sticker at the bottom and a stopper inside a round mouthpiece, so you have to remove those.

The device measures 119.7 x 29.16 x 29.8mm. It is compact, solid-colored, and features a 1.1ohm mesh coil. It possesses an airflow switch and its 650mAh battery is rechargeable.

Design and Portability

Snowwolf Ease

This cool and unique-styled milkshake cup-shaped Snowwolf Ease 8000 puff is not a stealthy one, that I will mention. It is fascinating to carry as it is amazingly designed and its bottom lights up when you inhale. It is also pocket-friendly, compact, and lightweight.

These cups vary in color depending on the flavors you have chosen. It has a pretty staggering logo on the front with the flavor mentioned at the bottom and 8000 puffs written at the top.

If we talk about the portability of Snowwolf, it is pretty small and not intrusive at all. It fits into my pocket easily and does not feel its presence much, which is nice.

ZoVoo DragBar F8000

DragBar F8000 is a sleek, handy, and pod mod-style vape device with 8000 puffs. It has solid-colored with a leather grain design on the body, making its appearance classic. F8000 is available in multiple colors depending on the flavor profiles.

What I like about this device is its airflow adjustment feature presented at the bottom that helps you in customizing your vaping experience. Secondly, it eliminates leakage issues with its oil pressure balance system within the e-liquid tank. And thirdly, its mesh coils give a smooth, rich, and flavorful vaping experience. Lastly, its round mouthpiece includes a silicone plug that keeps the e-juice fresh and free from impurities.


Both of these disposable vapes include a rechargeable battery that you can charge via a Type-C charger. So, whenever their batteries run out, connect the charger to the USB port for instant charging. Snowwolf Ease has a great 650mAh battery capacity. In contrast, ZoVoo DragBar F8000 has a 630mAh battery capacity.

While comparing the battery capacity of these two, Snowwolf Ease takes the cake as it has a higher capacity and can power the device for an extended period, and it will easily run for approximately sixty to ninety minutes.

Moreover, these devices have an impressive e-liquid capacity. Snowwolf Ease has an 18ml e-juice capacity while ZoVoo DragBar F8000 consists of 16ml e-juice.

After paralleling the features of these vaping devices, we can easily say Snowwolf Ease wins as it is more durable and will last long!

Adjustable Airflow

Although it is a compact disposable vape, ZoVoo DragBar F8000 has got it all for the best vaping experience! It has an adjustable airflow feature that Snowwolf Ease is currently deprived of. With this feature, you can effortlessly adjust the airflow amount that you want to inhale from the device.

This adjustment feature will help you produce fewer or more vape clouds. The greater the airflow, the cooler the vapor temperature will be, and it will produce massive vape clouds. Plus, higher airflow decreases the e-juice required. Thus, you will not run out of your e-liquid quickly.

Vapor Smoothness

Snowwolf Ease:

The device offers authentic flavor profiles and since its vapors have a slightly cool temperature, you will feel less flavor than usual. After trying it out, I can say that it does not give those harsh throat hits. It produces smoother, more flavorful, and massive vape clouds to satiate your taste buds.

ZoVoo DragBar F8000:

It is a great tight draw disposable that gives an impeccable mouth-to-lung draw after adjusting the airflow feature. Its flavors are great and smooth and eliminate those intense throat hits when you open up the airflow. With this device, you can customize your vaping experience according to your preference.

Flavors that I Tried

After trying out the different flavors of these products, these are the three top-notch flavors we recommend.

Snowwolf Ease

Green Apple Jelly

Do you like to devour apples? Snowwolf Ease has nailed this flavor as it gives you a burst of apple taste when you inhale. It does not taste much like jelly, but the sweet and sour apple flavor will get you hooked.

Watermelon Lychee

A fusion of watermelon and lychee gives a unique taste that tingles your taste buds. These fruits marvelously blend and give a rich, creamier taste that will keep bringing you back for more. 

Pear Cotton Candy

The pear-flavored cotton candy is an unrivaled sweet fruit blend that has a pear base with a cotton candy flavor. It has the perfect amount of sweetness to satiate your sweet tooth.

ZoVoo DragBar F8000

Green Apple Ice

Green Apple Ice is a perfect summer cooler that will reinvigorate you instantly! This fan-favorite flavor will win your heart over as it is full of sweet and sour juicy apples with a hint of menthol that enhances the flavor.

Passionfruit Guava

Passionfruit Guava will be a win-win choice if you are craving a sweet medley of passionfruit and guava. This combination perfectly complements one another. It is a 50/50 balance in your mouth. You can easily get addicted to this cooling passionfruit and guava juice.

Pineapple Coconut Rum

The fruity, sweet, and creamy flavor will remind you of Pina Colada. It is named differently but it tastes exactly like Pina Colada. A rich and thick luscious tropical treat perfect for someone who craves sweetness more often.

All these flavors are toothsome, but I believe Snowwolf Ease watermelon lychee is a one-of-a-kind flavor that is outstanding and a must-try. While ZoVoo DragBar F8000 pineapple coconut rum is a win-win if you want to enjoy a tropical paradise in the form of a vape.

Overall Rating: Which is Worth the Money?

After trying out both of these vaping devices, here’s what I’ve concluded. Overall, while both devices are worth the money depending on your preference, I find Snowwolf Ease to be a better 8000-puff vape due to its larger battery capacity and e-liquid volume.

Snowwolf Ease, with its 650mAh battery capacity, lasts slightly longer than the ZoVoo DragBar F8000. Additionally, the e-liquid capacity of Snowwolf Ease is 2mL greater and it offers more flavor options than its counterpart. When you vape, it glows from the bottom, giving this slushy cup design a premium appearance.

However, the ZoVoo DragBar F8000 has its advantages. It features an adjustable airflow mechanism and is leak-proof, which allows you to customize your vaping experience according to your preferences.

Snowwolf Ease and DragBar F8000 are terrific for vaping. I was able to blow”O”s and produce massive vape clouds. They don’t deliver harsh throat hits and generally provide a smooth vaping experience. Both devices are compact and lightweight, fitting easily into a pocket, pouch, or purse. Their flavor categories are unique, luscious, and addictive, ranging from menthol to fruity concoctions. You’re bound to love them all!

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