In the review that follows we will be looking closely at Horizon Binaries TH6000. One of the latest Horizon disposable vapes, Binaries TH6000 is a neatly designed and cleverly conceived vape that comes with some impressive features. Let’s begin by talking about the pros and cons of Binaries TH6000 vape.

Pros And Cons

No device is 100% perfect. While Binaries TH6000 is generally well-received and gets regular 5-star reviews, there are a couple of concerns about this neat new vape. Here’s our list of the most commonly mentioned pros and cons.

We’ll elaborate on the above further in our section on the features of Horizon Binaries TH6000, but first, we want to mention a standout feature that caught our attention when we tried this device – the color and design.

Vivid And Colorful Design

Binaries TH6000 has clearly been carefully designed to appeal to the trendier user. The colors are deliberately bold and brilliant.

We liked the Mango Ice model with its fabulous orange and green combination, and the contrasting Apricot Mango Peach Ice – while less obvious and more subdued – still stands out in a market dominated by mint green and pink color choices.

But there’s more to this design than just the colors. The vape comes in a rectangular column size, and the body is wrapped in a soft material that is great to hold. It really feels secure and steady when in the hand. Although we should add that it is quite a big device compared to some of the rival brands, we have no problem with the comfort level.

So, what is it about Horizon Binaries TH6000 that attracted us to it in the first place?

Breaking Down Awesome Features

The vape market is fast-growing and heavily populated, so to make a mark among such a vast array of choices designs have to be heavily featured. We’ve already talked about its colors and design, so what are the features that make Binaries TH6000 vape a stand-out disposable vape?

Clear Battery And E-liquid Indicator

We all know what it’s like to want a vape only to find that you’ve run out of juice, or your battery is dead. Horizon disposable vape introduces a clever three-stage indicator for both e-liquid and for battery power.

At the base of the device are two LEDs, one for liquid and one for power.  Each remains green until you have less than 50% of either left, at which point it turns blue. When either light turns red, the battery is lower than 20% and the e-liquid is lower than 15%.

This clear and simple indicator system scored highly when we tried Horizon devices for effectiveness. It’s always great to know when you need to recharge, so a big thumbs up for this feature.

Front Adjustable Airflow Slider

A feature that has caused quite a stir in the market on Binaries TH6000 is the clever airflow slider. This quickly switches between the MTL (mouth to lung) and RDL (restricted direct to lung) modes within the device. Let us explain further.

Some users prefer RDL mode. This allows for a more powerful flavor and a bigger dose but with a reduction in nicotine. MTL is the standard mode that most vape devices are designed for. This device has a simple slider that switches immediately between the two, making it different from most. You may need to switch a device to experience the other mode. The sheer simplicity of this method is admirable and a welcome design touch.

Smart AI Chip For Better Safety

Horizon disposable vape features an advanced AI chip that controls the electronic aspects of the device. This is an added safety feature that we certainly appreciate when we are vaping.

As with all electronic devices, there are certain safety concerns. The AI chip protects against short circuits, which are not uncommon in vape devices, and monitors time-out (where the device switches off after a period of non-use) and problems with low power. Horizon has put a lot of effort into developing this clever chip to provide usable and safe vape devices.

Bamboo Pulp Mesh Coil For Improved Tastes

TH6000 uses the exclusive bamboo pulp mesh coil that is also found on other Horizon devices. There are advantages to this that come to light when you first use the device.

Not only is bamboo an eco-friendly material, but the coil itself provides an enhanced taste and a more powerful vape experience. Bamboo pulp is more absorbent than cotton and other materials that are used in rival vapes. I noticed the difference in strength and flavor while vaping. So, what else did we discover when I tested TH6000?

Take The First Puff

Horizon Binaries TH6000 offers a lot, and from our experience, it delivers in most areas. Easy to use and comfortable to hold, the switchable RDL to MTL mode adds to the versatility of the device, and the flavor is certainly of the highest order. Being able to select a preferred mode means the user can tailor to their own requirements to an extent. In standard mode, the airflow is akin to a quality vape from some of the other brands, a good throat hit can be enjoyed by selecting your own chosen coil delivery, and it is easy to use. If we have one question it is why they have made the TH6000 larger than similar capacity devices, yet it did not impact on the comfort of using the device in our experience.

Explore Luscious Vape Flavors

Before we conclude our review, we thought we’d tell you a bit more about some of the exciting and original flavors we tried when testing Binaries TH6000.

Mango Ice Mango is a popular flavor in vapes, yet we found this example to be more authentic than some of those we have tried in the past. It’s a true mango flavor and strong with a great cooling effect. I love it, especially the fresh and bright effect of the mango taste.

Blue Razz Lime Ice Blue Razz Lime Ice hits with a lovely cool flavor that exudes the citrus sharpness you’d expect with a lime flavor. It’s an original mix of fruit and other flavorings that come across from the first hit and remain. This one went down well with me.

Creamy Vanilla Orange Ice Creamy Vanilla Orange Ice mixes the fruity flavor of a favorite: orange with vanilla, and the two go together well in a subtle yet strong flavor that we love. This is one for warm summer days when you want a taste of something fresh and delicious.

Final Verdict

Exquisite Design
Ease of Use
Brand Reputation
Vapor Flavor
Overall Score

The verdict is in on Horizon Binaries TH6000, and we have to say we enjoyed using this device, but with a couple of concerns.

TH6000 looks superb in all its possible colors – bright, attractive, and trendy – and while it is large compared to some it is comfortable to hold with its soft outer coating and fits quite nicely. There are more compact examples out there, but we didn’t find the size a problem.

Capacity was a concern for us as we’re not sure about the claimed 6000 puffs, and it is a shame that it’s only available with 50mg of nicotine. But again, as the puff flavors are so good – thanks to the airflow slider and bamboo mesh coil – that’s a minor complaint.

Overall, this is a nicely designed, easy-to-use, and capable vape device from a brand with a deservedly strong reputation, providing amazing vaping experience. So it is 4 out of 5 from me.

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