Snowwolf Easy Smart EA9000 is a high-end disposable vape that has lots of incredible features, exquisite design, and revolutionary performance. It is equipped with smart features and perfect flavor blends to enable you to experience a whole new level of satisfaction. Continue reading to find out why it stands out from the rest of the industry.

Transparent Case And Bold Graffiti

One of the features that make Snowwolf EA9000 stand out is its sleek and modern aesthetics. These include a transparent case and bold graffiti that is a breath of fresh air in the vaping industry. I do enjoy the unique artwork that comes with every flavor. This artwork involves beautifully crafted cartoon designs that every vaper will fancy, especially the new generation. The transparent case is a thoughtful feature that lets you monitor the battery and e-juice level, so you are not caught off-guard when they finally run out. Ideally, this vape has the best blend of aesthetics and performance.

650mAh Battery Capacity And 30min Quick Charge

To give you long-lasting performance and satisfaction, Snowwolf Easy Smart EA9000 is equipped with a high-capacity battery of 650mAh. This battery offers enough power for you to enjoy a consistent performance from the first puff to the very last one. The best thing about a long-lasting battery is that you can enjoy longer uninterrupted vaping sessions. This means that you don’t have to stop frequently to recharge. And when the battery is low you are assured of a super-fast 30-minute charging time. Thanks to the included type-c charging port, it is very efficient.

12.5mL Capacity Of E-liquid

With the rapid developments in the industry, it is not a surprise to find disposables with higher puff counts. Fortunately, Snowwolf EA9000 is backed by a high e-liquid capacity to support all 9000 puffs. If I didn’t know any better, I would say the high puff count label is to attract unsuspecting vapers. However, after trying this disposable I can attest that the e-liquid is truly long-lasting for you to enjoy all puffs. Besides, the flavors remain delicious from your first puff all the way to the very last one.

Unique And Practical Functions That Amazed Me

While the industry is full of vapes with similar features and functions, it helps to know that you can still find one with unique and practical features like this one. Have a look.

Smart Screen That Tells All

Located at the device’s base is an LED smart screen, displaying both the battery level and e-liquid amount. To activate this screen, simply press and hold the button situated at the device’s top. The e-liquid indicator is uniquely designed with four layers, each decreasing as the e-liquid is used up. Thus, keeping you informed whether your e-liquid is still in plenty or about to run out. Similarly, the battery indicator is shown in percentage, whereby it goes down by 10% every single time.

This means that if you start vaping when the battery is full at 99%, over time you’ll realize it is at 90%, 80%, or 70% gradually to keep you informed. When I started vaping this device, I noticed the percentage was at 99% for a very long time then it suddenly dropped to 90%. Therefore, if you are at 20% just know it will be 10% any minute. And before you know it, you’ll need to recharge.

Boost Mode Improves The Experience

The best thing about Snowwolf EA9000 is that it comes with a boost mode function that is very practical and easy to use. When the boost mode is activated, you can adjust the vaping voltage to something that suits your taste and preferences. In other words, the boost mode allows you to customize your vaping experience. Tap the button besides the mouthpiece twice to light blue to show the low setting of 10.5 watts. Alternatively, you can double-tap it to unleash the green light that activates the boost mode which is at 16 watts. The boost mode offers more flavor and more clouds. I like to vape it at the boost mode because it has more flavor.

Tastes That I Find Delicious

Double Apple


Frozen Mint

The double apple flavor is more scrumptious greeny smith apple. It is a sweet vape that is perfectly crafted and not overbearing. I feel like they do not overdo it with the sweeteners. It has a very pleasant inhale without leaving a sugary residue on your tongue like other sweet vapes do. I recommend it to vapers who are looking for a toned-down sweet-flavored vape.

The kipagu flavor is a cocktail of three flavors including kiwi, passion fruit, and guava. On the inhale, I get the guava flavor and a sweeter flavor in general. It is an airier flavor with a tighter draw that is very interesting. Also, it has a little bit of ice that is cooling and not overpowering. Overall, this flavor is guava-dominated like 70% guava and 30% kiwi and passion fruit.

The frozen mint has some ice as expected but not as throat-filling as I thought it would be. But the more you puff the more you get the ice and cooling flavor. Also, it has a mild sweetness that makes it feel like a sweet menthol flavor. Well, I am not an expert on mint flavors, but the frozen mint did not meet my expectations.

User Feedback

In my experience, this device is quite comfortable to hold and use. It feels very sturdy and fits well in my palms. The inhale is quite airy and the draw is very smooth, and the boost mode improves this feature. I like that it has no funny aftertaste when you inhale. This vape produces a fulfilling throat hit with robust flavor and huge clouds. And the exhale is very cooling and refreshing.

Closing Verdict

Exquisite Design
Ease of Use
Brand Reputation
Vapor Flavor
Overall Score

All in all, Snowwolf Easy Smart Disposable is an exquisite device that is super-easy to use. It comes with a flexible mouthpiece that is super comfortable on the lips. It is lightweight and portable, thanks to the included lanyard hole that you can use to attach the lanyard for convenience and portability. This disposable vape scores the highest rating of 5 stars. It’s an all-around device that performs as good as it looks.

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