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Kanthal is a chromium alloy ferritic iron wire. It has an oxidized, annealed surface. The Kanthal heating vape wire has many features to focus on, which include great resistance, great oxidation resistance and an operating capacity of 1500°C (2730°F).

Yes, the Kanthal wire is so powerful that it can last 4 times more than other compounds such as nichrome. It has a great ability to resist oxidation, which is why a lot of people use it every day.

Nichrome has a combination of 20% chromium and 80% nickel. It's a great alloy that has powerful resistance against corrosion. That alone makes it extremely sought after in the vaping world. It also comes with other benefits such as a low ramp-up time and fast heating. It's the primary wire for a lot of e-cig coils just because it doesn't corrode or break as easy as other wires do. It's the overall resistance and outstanding value that makes it so good.

Even if the melting temperature for Nicrome is 1400°C/2462°F, the product is still widely sought after because it resists massive temperatures without bringing in any major problems. The Kanthal coils will have a longer lifespan. However, you have to keep in mind that these are extreme temperatures that we are talking about, so no metal will end up at that temperatures, let alone melt.

Of course, if you want a great option, you can go with the pure nickel wires Ni200. This wire is very good because it has 0 resistance, and it heats up very quickly. It can be a problem because you need to avoid any nickel problems such as melting it without being careful. This is the reason why pure nickel wires are good only in the TC mode since there are no major risks of dealing with overheating or creating hot spots.

If you have nickel allergies, that can also be a problem. If you go over 1000 C or any other temperature similar to that, people can experience rashes and other problems that need to be avoided.

But if you get past that, you will notice that the flavor is very good from Ni200 and the wire is very easy to use as well as malleable. The problem for a lot of people is that the wire doesn't maintain the right shape. That's why sometimes you are forced to change the wire instead of actively using it, which can be an issue. Ni200 seems like a good option at first, however, the lack of a major resistance factor and allergies can push you towards some of the other options. Checking yourself for any Nickel allergies is important, otherwise you can end up with quite the problem here.

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