About Uwell Hypercar

Buy the Uwell Hypercar vape products online, VapeNico provides cheap & 100% authentic Hypercar e-cigarette products for vaping.

This amazing vaping device comes with a Hypercar mod and a whirl tank. The most amazing property of the Whirl tank is that it comes with various vaping styles and you can switch between them very easily. The airflow, on the other hand, is also extremely customizable and it can easily adjust to whichever vaping style you choose. All the vaping styles are designed to run over very small wattages. The Nunchaku tank has the most incredible flavors and also supports the low wattage systems very easily. The tank can afford a capacity of 3.5ml e-juice and it can be top filled and comes with adjustable airflow. It requires a 18650 battery and it is not included inside the package, you have to buy it separately.

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