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510 Thread Battery & Vape Pen Battery - Best in 2021

The popularity of vape pens has significantly increased during the last decade. Vaping is becoming one of the most preferred practices around the globe because vape pens are very portable and most often odorless devices which can be found in different sizes and styles. Moreover, they are very convenient and easy to use, as well.

Before searching for the best vape pen for you, it is a good idea to get to know all the pros and cons of this popular device. You can find everything you need to know about vape pen batteries and 510 thread batteries if you scroll to the bottom of our page.

Best 510 Thread Battery & Best Vape Pen Battery for Sale

You can buy 510 thread batteries, vape mods, vape pen batteries, and all kinds of vape devices from the most reliable brands online. Vapenico offers you various types of the newest vaping mods, both beginner and advanced, from several top brands, such as Vaporesso, VooPoo, and Smok. We offer a broad selection of high quality vape devices with numerous options, such as temperature control, variable wattage, and sub-ohm settings, because we want you to adjust your device according to your needs and preferences to have the greatest vaping experience. By personalizing your vape pen, you are actually customizing your vaping experience, and you have more control over it.

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What Is a Vape Pen Battery?

The battery, cartridge, atomizer, and electronics, are the four main components of an oil vape pen. Power is stored in the vape pen battery and then sent to the atomizer. This is what makes the vape pen battery better than a regular li-ion battery. The battery also has the components of the internal electric circuit, i.e., the electronics, which determines how much power is transferred. It controls the LED lights and different displays that indicate the voltage settings, the power level, the temperature, and many other features.

The power from the battery is sent to the atomizer with the help of the electronics. The atomizer is an element with either a ceramic or a wire coil. Once the power reaches the atomizer, it heats up, and it vaporizes the oil placed in the vape cartridge. The vape pen battery and the atomizer are connected with a 510 thread connection. Basically, during the vaping process, the power is generated and stored in the vape pen battery and then transferred to the atomizer.

All of the components must operate together to provide an outstanding and smooth experience. The atomizer of an oil vape pen is usually integrated with the cartridge. It is important to emphasize that all cartridges do not work equally well with all kinds of oils. Similarly, all batteries do not work equally well with all sorts of cartridges. Sometimes, the vape pen battery and the cartridge might not fit properly.

The battery can last for years. On the other hand, cartridges are short-lived. If they can be refilled, it is recommended to refill them only a couple times.

Vape Pen Battery Factors: Voltage and mAh

The milliampere per hour (mAh) and the voltage are the two main aspects that you need to pay attention to when choosing a vape pen battery.

If you want to be sure that the battery you are buying is durable and of a high quality, always check these two aspects of the wax pen battery or dab pen battery.

Voltage (Power)

The battery should always be compatible with the cartridge you are using, i.e., it needs to have enough power for the cartridge. The latest cartridges usually have ceramic atomizers, which require higher voltages. Unfortunately, not all batteries feature high voltages. Do not use too high voltages in order to prevent your cartridge from burning.

Capacity or mAh (Battery Life)

The mAh is closely related to the battery life. The more mAh the battery has, the longer it will last. However, if you have a small battery with a capacity of 300mAh, you can expect it to last all day long. Of course, the battery life also depends on the frequency of vaping.

So, a 1000mAh battery can supply 1000 milliamperes per hour, or 500 milliamperes for two hours. These battery features are not always entirely precise, but they are useful when choosing and comparing vape pens. For instance, it is a fact that a 1000mAh battery is more durable than a 500mAh.

For the battery to generate more power, it needs to have more mAh and high amperage. However, if you want a greater capacity, then you will need to sacrifice the power of the device, and vice versa. According to this, there are three different kinds of vape pen batteries:

  • Low power and high capacity
  • High power and low capacity
  • Balanced power and capacity

The voltage range of 510 thread batteries differs. Usually, the voltage range is from 3.3V to 4.8V. Lower voltage ranges are characteristic of slim vape pens. Batteries with lower voltage ranges are compatible with the majority of oil cartridges. On the other hand, ceramic and wickless cartridges require more power. When looking for the ideal battery for you, it is recommended to start with the lowest voltage and check the amount of vapor it provides.

Vape pens with high voltage batteries produce larger vapor quantities because the heating element is heated up at a higher temperature. If you intend to use your vape pen very often, then it is recommended to choose one with a high voltage battery. However, in this case, since the battery will function at a high level for a longer period of time, you need to make sure that the temperature is low to protect the battery from exploding.

How Long Does a Vape Pen Battery Last?

The battery life capacity differs from each 510 thread vape battery. The milliampere per hour (mAh) shows the battery life. If a battery has more mAh, then it is more durable.

The battery life and mAh were explained in detail above. But, the battery life of the 510 thread vape batteries does not only depend on the mAh. The durability of your battery is also closely related to the frequency of using the vape pen.

We mentioned that under equal circumstances, the battery life of a 1000mAh battery would be two times longer than the battery life of a 500mAh battery. The amperage, which is determined by ohms and voltage, is also relevant for the durability of your battery. If the amperage is higher, the life of your battery will be shorter.

Let's compare two different Vape Pen batteries: Vape Battery 1 and Vape Battery 2. Both of them have a 600mAh battery, and their coils are 3.0ohm. The only difference is the voltage – the voltage of Vape Battery 1 is 5V, and the voltage of Vape Battery 2 is 3.7V. Under the same circumstances, Vape Battery 2 will last longer than Vape Battery 1, because its amperage is lower (Vape Battery 2 will use 1.23 amps, and Vape Battery 1 will use 1.67 amps).

Now we should discuss the other important aspect when it comes to battery life – the frequency of using the device. Suppose the same type of battery with the same mAh is being used by three people who use their devices differently (one of them uses it very often, while the others use it casually). In that case, the battery life of the three batteries will be different. The battery of the person who uses the device very often will last shorter than the batteries of the other two. Actually, that is what it will look like. The run time of all batteries will be the same because they are identical. The person who uses the device very often will drain the battery faster.

Usually, 100mAh provides you one hour of vaping. However, this is not always true because the durability of your battery will also depend on several other factors, including your style of vaping, the temperature, and the resistance of your vape pen.

You can find vape pens that use batteries with more than 2000mAh. But a lot of vape pens manufactured by top brands use smaller batteries, and they also function perfectly.

How to Choose the Best Vape Battery?

It was mentioned above that it is always a good idea to pay attention to the voltage and the mAh (voltage capacity) when buying a battery. But that is not all. It cannot be said that a certain vape pen is better than the others. The quality of vape pens depends on various factors, including your needs, preferences, and vaping style. The best vape batteries can be divided into several categories, including:


Brands will always influence your decisions when choosing a vape battery. After vaping for a certain period of time, you will find some brands better than others. Buying from trustworthy brands is always a good idea. They will never sell any dangerous or defective batteries.


There are different styles of vape pen batteries, such as mod style and pen style. You can choose different shapes, sizes, and colors of vape pen batteries at Vapenico. Choose a vape pen battery in your favorite color, or choose the rainbow one if you prefer numerous colors. We are sure that you will find the most suitable style for you at Vapenico.


The voltage input of every battery is limited. If the maximum voltage input is surpassed, the battery might overheat and stop working properly. The best device batteries cannot go over the preset voltage limit because they have a shutdown feature that prevents the device from overheating and damaging. Most importantly, this feature is protecting you against getting injured.


Reliable shops and brands sell vape pen batteries with after-sale support or service and a guarantee for high quality. Always buy a vape pen battery from trustworthy brands that have a return policy and brands that offer warranties for their products.


Lithium-ion, or li-ion, batteries are most often used by the majority of vape pen brands. Actually, almost all kinds of electronic devices use this kind of battery. Li-ion is a low-maintenance battery, and it can store a lot of energy, which means you will be able to enjoy long vaping sessions between charges, and the power will remain unchanged.

The Material of the Tube

The tube of the best vape batteries is usually made of long-lasting material that is resistant to corrosion.

Charging Time

If you decide to buy the biggest battery on the market, then do not be surprised if you need half a day to charge it. The time needed to fully charge a battery, and the durability of the battery are usually balanced in the best vape pens. Rechargeable batteries will stop functioning after around 300 charging cycles.

Different Kinds of Vape Pen Battery and 510 Thread Battery

If you are looking for the best vape pen battery, then you are at the right place. Here you can find high quality vape batteries with different features and specifications. Whether you are looking for the best vape mod or the best 510 vape battery, we have you covered. You can easily personalize your vaping experience by combining a particular cartridge and battery or a particular tank and a mod. We are constantly updating our inventory, and every time you check it, there will be new vape pen batteries to choose.

E Cig Battery

There are several different forms of electronic cigarette batteries, or e cig batteries, including:

1. Cigalike, or an electronic cigarette battery that resembles a tobacco cigarette in shape, is a part of the electronic cigarette kits from the "First Generation." Since it is almost identical to a cigarette, it made it easier for smokers to start vaping. These electronic cigarette batteries can be easily attached to cartridges or cartomizers.

2. The standard battery is thicker and bulkier than other batteries. It has more power, and it does not need to be charged very often. Some standard batteries use refillable tanks, while others have prefilled pods or tanks.

3. The Mod electronic cigarette battery is a type of battery placed in or next to a mod electronic cigarette. Most often, this type of battery is 18650 battery vape.

In the beginning, electronic cigarette batteries entered the market as devices that looked a lot like traditional cigarettes in order to attract more attention. But electronic cigarette batteries continually changed as customers demanded various features. That is how the eGo battery was designed. This battery is five times bigger than a common cigalike battery. Soon after this design appeared and was offered on the market, manufacturers began offering electronic cigarette batteries in various sizes and shapes, including the shape of a box.

Here at Vapenico you can find a broad selection of electronic cigarette batteries in numerous shapes produced by all top brands.

Vape Mods

A number of common vape mods can be used with 18650 cell. They are available in various sizes. One of the tiny and cute one in Eleaf Pico Mod, coming in a compact size, which you can hole it in your palm. Also, it is very convenient for you to use on the go and go on a trip.

Buttonless Vape Battery

The buttonless vape battery, also known as a slim vape pen, or auto draw, is the most popular cartridge battery on the market. This type of vape battery is activated once you inhale, and the voltage is also regulated by the style of inhaling. The voltage of the buttonless vape batteries is usually 3.3V. It is recommended to charge this kind of battery with the provided charger so that it does not burn out. These batteries are very convenient and easy to use because you do not have to push or click any buttons in order to activate them. Also, you don't need to worry about pressing a button on accident.

Vape Battery with a Button

The 510 thread battery with a button is another popular type of vape pen battery. To activate or deactivate this type of battery, you need to press the button five times, and you are supposed to click and hold the button to start vaping. Typically, the voltage of button vape batteries is 3.7V, and they are compatible with almost all pre-filled cartridges. When you are not using your device, you can completely turn off its battery.

Vape Pen Battery with Variable Voltage

Vape batteries with variable voltage can be easily controlled when it comes to the power and operation of the battery. The voltage can be changed by pressing a button or turning a dial at the lower end of the battery. This type of battery is compatible with most 510 thread cartridges. Use high voltage for enjoying massive vapor clouds and big hits, or use low voltage to enjoy small and delicious hits. You can choose vape pen batteries with variable voltage in different styles, sizes, and shapes.

Discreet and Unnoticeable Vape Pen Batteries

This is one of the most preferred kinds of vape pen batteries for numerous customers. If you are a fan of discreet vaping sessions, then these vape batteries have you covered. The cartridge of other vape pen batteries is connected at the end of the battery, but the cartridge of these vape pen batteries is unnoticeable because it is placed inside. This way, you can enjoy vaping in a discreet manner. You can also find discreet vape pen batteries which fit perfectly in your palm. They are compact and extremely convenient for taking them on the go since they can easily fit in your pocket, purse, or bag.

510 Thread Battery

In the beginning, 510 thread batteries resembled pens in shape, but they have been gradually evolving. And nowadays, they can be found in numerous shapes that look like mini vape mods. Below you can read about the various kinds of 510 thread batteries available on the market and the major differences between them.

510 Oil Mods: Some of the latest versions of 510 thread batteries resemble a compact and light vape mod that can easily fit your pocket. These batteries have the typical 510 threads, and some of them have magnetic adapters which enable you to effortlessly attach your cartridges. A great number of these 510 batteries are buttonless (they are activated once you inhale), but you can also find ones activated by pressing a button and have variable voltage, which enables you to enjoy more powerful hits.

eGo 510 Battery: eGo 510 batteries were primarily used at the first electronic cigarette tanks. Usually, they use two threads for fitting in with both 510 atomizers and typical eGo atomizers. Most of eGo 510 batteries are button-activated, and the newest models have LED lights that indicate whether the device is on or off. They are mainly charged with 510 thread USB chargers, but some of the latest models contain incorporated USB charge ports.

Classic Pen Style 510 Battery: The earliest 510 battery pen was a thin and light device that resembled a pen in shape, and it was as wide as the standard oil cartridge. The majority of classic pen-style 510 batteries are buttonless, i.e., they are activated once you inhale, but others are activated by pressing a button. Also, most of them have LED lights which indicate that the device is on. In the beginning, these types of batteries and eGo pens used the same chargers, but most of the latest models contain incorporated USB charge ports. Some of these batteries have adjustable voltage and a preheat feature, enabling you to mildly heat the vape oil at a low voltage.

Keychain Style 510 Battery: Keychain style 510 batteries are very discreet devices that can be found in numerous different forms, such as a keychain and standard FOB key. Some of these types of batteries have spring-loaded 510 connection. Thanks to the elastic force of the spring, they pop once you click the button.

E-pipe Style 510 Battery: These 510 batteries look like a traditional pipe, so if you are looking for a classy vaping experience, you should try them. The majority of e-pipe style 510 batteries use magnetic adapters, which enable you to easily change the cartridges.

The trend of vaping concentrates is becoming more and more popular, which is why 510 thread batteries that use cartridges are typically found on the market. These batteries are powerful enough to heat the atomizer and vaporize your favorite waxes or extracts.

What Is a 510 Thread Battery?

Joyetech, the manufacturer of the original vape pen batteries, eGo-T, was the first to use the term "510 thread". The 510 thread tanks could be perfectly attached to this kind of battery due to the ten 0.5mm threads on them. That is actually where the name came from. Batteries with 510 threading are called 510 thread vapes. This is the standard threading for tanks and atomizers in the vape industry. Usually, the 510 thread battery refers to the batteries compatible with oil cartridges or vape tanks.

A 510 vape pen means that all of the parts are 510, while a 510 thread battery means that only the battery is 510 thread. 510 thread batteries can be found in numerous sizes and shapes. You can find slim pen-style 510 thread batteries which are very discreet and compact or 510 tread batteries shaped like a square or rectangle.

Larger 510 batteries might not be very convenient for taking them on the go, but they have a very big and powerful battery, enabling you to enjoy long vaping sessions. The smaller batteries are powerful enough to vaporize an entire cannabis oil cartridge. Different batteries have different voltage options, which provide different vaping experiences. Each vaper prefers a particular voltage setting, and that is why 510 thread batteries with numerous voltage settings are ideal for everyone. When it comes to the price, you can find some really cheap 510 thread batteries and some really expensive ones. If you decide to spend a lot of money on these devices, it is recommended to conduct some research previously to know what you get from the price. In order to help you choose the ideal battery for yourself, we have made a list of various 510 thread batteries and their specific characteristics.

Best 510 Thread Battery for Cartridges

Besides your battery life and capacity we mentioned before, there are some other factors you need to consider before purchasing your first 510 thread battery.

Variable or Fixed Voltage

Choosing a 510 thread battery with either variable voltage or fixed voltage depends mostly on your needs and preferences. If you intend to use your 510 thread battery for vaping oils, dry herbs, and wax, then you need one with variable voltage settings. Different voltage settings are needed for different 510 thread atomizers to work flawlessly. If you want to vape dry herbs, then you will need higher voltage (above 3.5V) to perfectly vaporize the material. On the other hand, if you are using vape pens for oil, then you will need lower voltage settings (lower than 3V) so that the oil does not burn. A 510 thread battery with variable voltage is more expensive than a 510 thread battery with a fixed voltage. However, if you use prefilled a 510 cartridge most of the time, then a battery with fixed voltage is ideal for you.


One of the features that you need to pay attention to when buying a 510 thread battery is portability. "MOD" batteries are larger 510 thread batteries that use a replaceable 18650 battery. If you vape very often, or if you want to change the cartridges usually, then these batteries are perfect for you because of the variable voltage setting. The only disadvantage of these "MOD" batteries is their size – they are too big for you to carry them outside. If you are looking for a very portable 510 thread vape, then you should try pen-style vapes. Their battery is fixed, and they are very light. Their size is also small, and they will fit perfectly in your pocket. However, the battery does not last very long, and it needs to be recharged regularly.

Different Types of Connectors

A great number of 510 thread pen-style batteries have several connectors, i.e., threads, so that you can use various kinds of cartridges or canisters. The most popular thread is a 510 thread which is known as a "female thread". The second most popular thread is the eGo thread, also known as the "male thread", which is bigger than the 510 thread cartridge or tank, and it can accommodate larger quantities of ground dry herbs, wax, and different concentrates.

Benefits of 510 Thread Battery

The superb 510 thread vapes are more beneficial than the common pen-style batteries. They are more discreet, compact, and the battery life is longer as well. The LCD and LED technologies used by these batteries are more sophisticated, too.

Usually, 510 vapes are more convenient for oils since they are light, portable, and very easy to use. Moreover, 510 vapes are compatible with different kinds of atomizers. The connection of a high quality 510 thread battery is perfect.

  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • Discreet
  • Portable
  • Compatible with different kinds of atomizers
  • Perfect connection
  • More durable

Some Reasons for Choosing a 510 Thread Battery

Portable vapes are very convenient because they offer you the possibility to customize your vaping experience. The original box mod vaporizers enabled vapers to try only a few materials and tanks. Time after time, manufacturers found out different ways to make portable vaporizers easily customizable to meet the individual requirements of customers. In the beginning, it was difficult for vape battery manufacturers and companies which produced pre-filled cartridges and tanks to find a mutual solution, but they finally agreed to create a universal thread that will enable customers to combine the best battery with different cartridges and tanks.

The universal battery on the vaping market is the 510 thread battery, which is perfect for portable vaping. Some 510 thread batteries have variable voltage settings so that customers can choose between big hits and massive clouds and smaller and more flavorful hits.

The voltage range of 510 thread batteries is usually between 3.3V and 4.8V, which is the ideal voltage for almost all cartridges. Another important feature for vape pen batteries is mAh (milliampere per hour) which indicates the battery life. The mAh of standard batteries is 300, and they last all day long.

We are continually updating our collection of 510 thread vape batteries and various other types of batteries, too, so feel free to check it up and choose the ideal battery for you. The 510 thread battery is ideal for beginners. At Vapenico, you can find a great selection of high-quality 510 thread batteries with variable voltage. Check it out now, and choose the best one for you!

How to Charge 510 Thread Battery?

When it comes to a vape charger, it is highly recommended to charge your battery with the 510 thread charger that comes along with your battery. Also, instead of using a rapid charger, always use a standard USB charger because the rapid charger can destroy the li-ion battery and completely damage the processor or the battery. Leave your rapid phone charger aside, and use a standard USB port, a car charger, or a wall adapter. Remember that the voltage of the vape pen charger should correspond to the battery.

The chargers of some vape batteries have higher amperage and voltage than other chargers. If you want to change your vape battery charger, feel free to contact us, and we will help you find the perfect match for your battery.

How Long Does It Take to Charge A 510 Thread Battery?

The time needed for charging vape batteries depends on several factors.

The first factor is the capacity of the battery. It will take longer to fully charge a battery with a bigger capacity.

The second factor that affects the time needed for charging the battery is the charger. Nowadays, you can find different chargers and mods that charge very fast. However, some devices, especially bigger ones, need around 2 hours to fully charge.

The third factor is the battery's health condition. If you have not taken proper care of the battery, it will take much longer to fully charge it, and it will last shorter, as well.

Note: Do not forget to check the voltage ratings of the standard voltage output defined by the national agencies at the place where you live.

How Many Watts 510 Thread Battery?

Using a 510 thread vape pen at different watts is very simple and easy. It is a good idea to take tiny puffs and pause after each puff at the beginning. Increase the intensity of vaping until you discover the perfect dosage for you. Below you can find some valuable advice for using different 510 batteries and cartridges.

  • Silica wicks are still used by several older types of oil pen. If your vaporizer has variable voltage settings, you should always consider vape at a low voltage to avoid burnt and dry hits. The ideal voltage range is between 2.5V and 2.8V.
  • More advanced wicks are used by modern oil cartridges, such as CCELL vape cartridges. You can use a higher voltage (around 3.3V) without damaging them.
  • There are oil carts that use ceramic coils for a good puff. And for the ceramic material, you will need to use a higher voltage. The ideal voltage range to prevent a burnt taste is between 3.3V and 3.6V.

What 510 Thread Battery Lasts the Longest?

The battery life cannot be precisely calculated since it depends on numerous factors, including:

  • The size and model of the battery
  • The style and way of using the device
  • The types of coils in your tank
  • The way you charge and maintain your battery
  • The voltage and wattage frequently used (when using a battery with variable voltage or wattage)

For example, if you draw longer, your battery will be less durable compared to the battery of a person who draws shorter. Besides, proper maintenance is crucial for longer battery life. Your battery will not last long if your coil has lower resistance because a significant part of the battery's power will go to the coil.

If you are using a mod with variable voltage or wattage, you cannot precisely calculate the number of puffs between charges. The number of puffs when vaping at 20W will be significantly different than the number of puffs when vaping at 80W. Usually, the newer box mods with variable wattage will enable you to enjoy vaping all day long, while batteries with higher capacities will last even longer.

Which 510 Thread Battery for Starters?

For the beginners, there may be some questions lay on what is the suitable one to start. Well, here are two main aspects for you to consider: activation method and voltage choice.

Activation: Button Activated vs. Auto Draw

You can preheat the coil when using a button activated battery. Auto draw batteries are more convenient, and they are only activated when you inhale. Some people prefer the auto draw battery because it is a very reliable battery and convenient to use, but of course, the choice is yours.

Here you can find a wide range of both auto draw and button activated batteries from different top brands, such as Joyetech eGo Twist+ Battery VW.

Voltage: Unsure About the Voltage Needed for Your Cartridge?

Our advice is to choose a vaporizer pen with variable voltage, or VV, for a greater compatibility. Output power plays a key role, and a higher output is needed for standard ceramic atomizers.

What Is a 510 Thread Battery Price?

Just like the price range of other devices, such as bongs and pipes, the price range of 510 thread batteries is pretty extensive. You can find a 510 thread battery for less than $10, and you can also find one that costs more than $100. Some 510 thread batteries manufactured by top brands can even cost $200. However, you can find a 510 thread battery with an attractive design and a good battery life for $30. If you are a beginner, and you find it challenging to choose a 510 thread battery for vaping dry herbs, oils, or wax, you can visit your local smoke shop or headshop or check some online vape shops, such as Vapenico, and their staff will be more than willing to help you.

Where to Buy 510 Thread Battery?

It is very easy to find a 510 thread battery because this type of battery is the standard one for smoking dry herbs, oils, or wax. You can check your local smoke shop or headshop, and you can also visit some online headshops, such as Vapenico because they usually have a broader selection of batteries.

At Vapenico, we offer a wide range of various 510 thread batteries from different brands, and the prices are more reasonable than the prices in the local headshop. We also provide after-sales service and a 1-year warranty for your chosen device.

How to Clean a Vape Pen Battery?

Vapes get dirty after several times of use, and they accumulate countless germs. These microorganisms can be harmful, and they are everywhere on the device – starting from the mouthpiece all the way to the battery. As the name suggests, the mouthpiece goes to your mouth, which means all of these germs can quickly enter your body. Besides protecting your health, keeping the vape clean is crucial for its lifespan and performance. Below you can find some tips for cleaning a vape pen battery.

Clean the Battery Terminals – Battery terminals can be cleaned very easily. All you need is tissue paper for rubbing them. If they are dirtier, you can use a cotton bud. Sometimes, you can even soak the cotton bud in rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the terminal. Let the battery dry for a few seconds, and then you are ready to go.

Keep the Battery Charged Regularly – keeping the battery charged is very important for preserving the durability of the battery. It is also very important to keep the battery charged if you are not using it very often.

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Vape Pen?

Once you buy a vape pen battery, it is important to take good care of it. If you want to have outstanding enjoyment every time you use your vape pen battery 510, and if you want your battery to last long, then you need to clean it on a regular basis. If the experience provided by your battery is lower than usual, then it probably requires maintenance. If you properly maintain the battery, you will enjoy an outstanding flavor and unrestricted airflow.

1. Initial Charge

Once you buy your battery, you should fully charge it. The majority of vape batteries are li-ion, which means you cannot overcharge them. A proper initial charge will ensure longer battery life.

2. Never Overcharge

Do not leave the vape pen to charge during the night. The battery will get damaged, and it will continue charging even when it is fully charged.

3. Turn the Battery Off When You Are Not Using It

You should not leave the vape pen activated if you are not using it. The vape pen is using power whenever it is on. Even though some types of batteries have an automatic shut off feature, it usually takes 10 to 20 minutes for this feature to have an effect.

4. Do Not Drain the Battery to 0%

The energy needed to recharge a battery that has been drained to 0% is substantially bigger than the energy needed to recharge a battery that is not completely drained. The lower the level of the battery, the more energy is needed for recharging it. It is best to charge your battery once it drops under 50%. If you vape pens comes with a battery indicator, that's useful to check the battery power.

5. Use the Battery on a Regular Basis

If the battery of the vape pen is used on a regular basis, it will definitely function better. If you are using it rarely, it will gradually lose power. A few puffs a day are enough for ensuring a good battery life.

6. Protect the Battery with a Case

Batteries can be easily damaged, and they get dirty as well, so the best thing to do to protect your battery is to carry it in a case. Check out our page for electronic cigarette accessories, and you can find a wide range of vape cases. Also, if you are carrying an additional battery for a mod, you must put it in a plastic case to prevent it from causing a short when touching a metallic object in your pocket.

7. Clean the Battery

A vape pen battery easily gets dirty. Sometimes there might be oil spills that can prevent the battery from functioning well. The connection of a dirty battery to the vape device is weak, so it needs to produce more power to provide a satisfying hit. If the battery works more than usual, then it can drain really fast, and its life becomes shorter.

8. Store It Properly

Keep the battery in a cool place away from sunlight in order to protect its lifespan. If you decide to store it for a longer period of time, then the battery power has to be at least 40%. This amount of power will maintain the protection circuit. Some websites advise customers to fully charge their batteries before storing them for a long time.

If you want to use your device for a long time, then you should keep it in optimal conditions and maintain it properly and regularly.

Where to Buy Vape Pen Batteries?

If you are looking for quality service and superb vape pen batteries, then you should buy your device from Vapenico now! We will provide you with effective after-sales service, a high quality guarantee, and a return policy of 2 months. The time of your delivery will depend on your selected warehouse. If you order from the US warehouse, the product will be shipped in 18 hours. Our broad selection of high quality vape pen batteries will meet the needs of both beginners and experienced vapers. If you have any questions about our products, we will be happy to answer them. Vapenico offers vape pen batteries in all styles, sizes, and shapes. Check out our inventory now, and get your battery today!

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