Sub ohm vaping explained:

Sub Ohm vaping is the process of using a vaporizer device with specialized atomizer coils. The atomizer coils on board one of these vaporizers have a resistance that is less than one ohm. The reason that the Sub Ohm vaporizer movement has become so popular, is that these devices can be heavily customized. Sub Ohm vapers can gradually increase the power output on these devices with a series of mechanical mods and non-variable regulated controls. 

Sub ohm vaping allows the user to control the flavor and the vapor like no other device on the market. The idea of having more control can sound advantageous for someone that's exploring using a vaporizer, but it often requires a real expert to produce large clouds of vapor. This is where we find professional vapers and vape tricks experts.

Sub Ohm vapes can be somewhat of a controversial topic within the vaping community. There are many that swear by these devices whereas others prefer simpler vaporizers. 

How does a sub ohm vape work?

Most types of handheld vaporizers are powered by a battery on board that is rechargeable. Sub Ohm uses this power and applies the ohm’s and joules laws of electricity. This means that the user can take the voltage source being the battery and continue to increase its overall wattage by decreasing the resistance or ohms that are found in the coil. Having these mods on board and a compatible coil is essential to making sure that this type of vaping is safe.

As the resistance is decreased, the amperage that's available in the device is increased massively and this can lead to a severe battery drain as well as increased heat output by the components. The battery can heat up, the coils will generate far greater heat and the device will be able to vape at a far higher and more efficient rate than ever before.

Before trying sub ohm vaping it's crucial that you check in on the specifications of the device. With the extra strain on the battery it's very important for a vaper to never exceed the total amperage limit on the battery. If the amperage limit on the power source is exceeded there is a chance that this could cause an immediate failure in the device or the chance that a fire or explosion could occur as a result of the battery overloading. 

Configurations of Sub Ohm Vapes:

There are three main options for Sub Ohm vape configurations:

  • Re-buildable dripping atomizers: RDA devices are some of the earliest types of Sub Ohm vapes. These have upgraded coils and they usually use a cotton wick. The user is responsible for dripping new juice onto the wick every time that they take a puff off the device. The gravity fed drips soak the wick and make vapor, as fast as the battery can heat up the dripping liquid. 
  • Re-buildable tank atomizers: These are an enhanced version of the RTA that doesn't require a user to regularly saturate the wick. The gravity fed device here ensures that the wick is constantly saturated. The atomizers on board are closer to clearomizers. This approach often delivers some of the highest levels of vapor from any vape device and they can offer enhanced flavors because the vapor quality remains the same even on massive hits from the device. 
  • Sub ohm vape tanks: Sub ohm often required extensive modding from a box mod or mech and a new battery, wick and more. These new tank designs are essentially a quick-start for Sub Ohm vaping. Any device that can work at 30 W or higher can attach one of these devices and begin the process of Sub Ohm vaping. These devices are just as convenient to use as RTA vapes but they don't require all of the setup. Most would consider this to be the quick start option for Sub Ohm vaping. 

Is it dangerous to use a Sub Ohm vape?

It's likely that you may have heard some warnings in the vaping community about using these devices. The truth is that as long as safety rules are followed with these devices, they're extremely safe to use. Adding a modification to a device that is compatible for Sub Ohm vaping is a great choice if you want more control. If you aren't able to follow the safety rules for using a Sub Ohm vape, there is a chance that you are taking a risk. Most manufacturers will place warnings on their devices if their battery could fail with Sub Ohm vaping. 

When you mods most devices from their factory specifications you are taking a small risk and you could void your warranty. Devices that are built for modification with Sub Ohm vaping do offer very little risk to customers that want to practice this vaping technique.

The E-juices used with Sub Ohm vaping:

Sub Ohm coils can often produce a much more substantial cloud of vapor then you can get out of a coil that is rated for one ohm or above. Vapers that are looking for large clouds swear by this type of device and they are often inhaling the vapor directly into their lungs for larger clouds for tricks. A device that can keep up and produce as much vapor as they require is just one part of the equation however.

The E-juices that work best with Sub Ohm vaping are often heavy vegetable glycerin glance. VG often produces the largest clouds of the densest vapor. These blends are known for their large vapor content but they do require a higher amount of heat to vaporize. VG blends also often require coils that have larger holes for e juice to trickle in. Sub Ohm vaping coils regularly come with these larger holes because they need to be devices that readily accept a larger amount of e juice to keep the wicks in the coils saturated. Sub Ohm coils are perfect for use with VG blends.

The other advantage that vapers can receive from Sub Ohm vaping with VG is they can experience less throat irritation and less of the heavy flavors. If you're just trying to reduce a large and satisfying vapor, VG produces some lighter flavors that can be more easily accommodated and drawn in. VG blends also contain lower nicotine strengths which can make for easy inhalation without irritation. Most of the strongest VG blends only contain around 6 mg per ML. 

It is still possible to use e juice like a PG blend with Sub Ohm vaping but this is only recommended if you are a regular user. The amount of vapor and the strength of the flavors it can be produced by PG blends could be too strong or irritating for a new user with a Sub Ohm vape. 

VV/VW devices:

It has become quite popular for Sub Ohm vapers to use variable wattage and variable voltage technology with their vape as a mod. This is usually a control that is not needed with Sub Ohm vaping. 

Most of the top Sub Ohm vapes don't require these type of mechanisms or controls because they can increase the power along the coils to a level that is unsafe or beyond the compatibility of the control mods. Most of the VV and VW mods, regulations on board but the power of the coils can go significantly beyond that. 

Installing high-power coils could be all you need to do to use the proper resistance on the device and have it perform at maximum capacity. The only advantage that of VV and VW device can deliver may be some improvements in priming the coil or improving your flavor. By having the ability to adjust the coils by level after you've changed one out, you can power regulate the device to a lower level to prime the coil, raising it up over time. 

If you consider yourself to be more of a flavor enthusiast rather than someone that's chasing big clouds, having a VV or VW mod could be the perfect way to dial in the flavor profile that works best for you. If your goal is just to make as much vapor is possible with a Sub Ohm vape, you could likely forgo a VV/VW control. 

Mechanical Mods to consider:

You can improve the performance on a Sub Ohm vape by adding compatible mechanical vape mods. These can be items like contacts, new switches, threads and vent holes. Make sure that any mod you are using is properly compatible with Sub Ohm vapes. One of the most common mistakes is using on invented mods in Sub Ohm devices.

Using an unvented mod can cause a series of issues with heat buildup and battery overheating. The vents on any mechanical mod will allow for seed dispersal throughout the device and allow any of the gases to vent in the event of a battery failure. Without enough vents on your device, you could have the battery explode due to overheating or overloading. 

Check for voltage drop on a mechanical mod you are using too. Mods for sub ohm vaping often come with a fixed position for its contacts, a magnetic switch and a single piece tube. Picking a device that's robust is often better over convenience with  Sub Ohm. It can be tempting to use something that is spring-loaded for a switch or built with threaded contacts, but with the amount that you may have to remove or adjust the device, these are connectors that can quickly wear out. 

Battery mods:

If you are going to be upgrading the battery in your device, it is very important that you get a good fit for Sub Ohm vaping. A good-quality battery is perhaps one of the greatest elements of a Sub Ohm vaporizer. Hybrid lithium batteries or unprotected IMR are usually the Sub Ohm vapers battery of choice. This is because the chemistry in these batteries is typically considered to be safer. These are batteries that are designed to vent gases quickly which can lower the risk of explosion and fire when they overheat. There found to be much safer for Sub Ohm vaping when compared to lithium ion, lithium polymer and ICR batteries. 

The other advantage of using one of these types of batteries is you can enjoy a high value for continuous amperage limits. Sub Ohm vapes need these limits so that they can be used safely. When installing a new battery and adjusting your device, make sure that you aren't installing a battery that could have its amp limit exceeded. This is the perfect recipe to have a battery fail in your device. 

Some research into the battery manufacturer and using a reputable replacement for any failing battery in your device is crucial. Make sure that you inspect the battery before you install it and that you follow all manufacturer specifications for replacement with any battery mods you make. 

The advantages and disadvantages of a Sub Ohm vape:

If you are thinking of trying sub ohm vaping, it does come with a wide range of advantages and disadvantages. This is an exciting opportunity if you are interested in trying out a new style of vaping that can give you more options. Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Massive clouds of vapor: Sub Ohm vapor allows you to take your experience with vaping to new heights. It's perfect for competition, for doing tricks and for getting massive clouds.
  • The flavor is enhanced: Larger clouds and larger hits also means getting more flavor. Wider airflow can diminish some of the concentrated flavor in the lung hits. Because you'll be inhaling a lot more vapor and e juice, you can taste your favorite E-juices in a whole new way. 
  • More nicotine: Even with lower nicotine doses you can often receive more through Sub Ohm vaping. You can take larger hits and enjoy more nicotine going into your lungs. 
  • Warm hits: If you love a warmer vapor experience, Sub Ohm always delivers a warm sensation from the vapor.


  • Headrush: If you are using a nicotine blend you can often get a head rush with the massive hits you receive.
  • Not beginner friendly: The added vapor is not friendly to beginners and it’s usually best to start with other types of vapes.
  • More expensive: Sub Ohm vaporizers consume more e-juice and more battery power to their more expensive to run. The coils also need to be replaced much faster with the increased power load.
  • Not great for lung hits: If you like going straight from the mouth to the lungs with your hits, Sub Ohm produces far too much vapor to make this a pleasurable experience. 

Sub Ohm vaping is definitely here to stay and many people swear by Sub Ohm vaporizers. It's getting easier to access this technology and its now safer than ever before. If you do plan on modifying your device or trying out Sub Ohm vaping mods, you need to make sure that you are checking in on the batteries in the components for compatibility. Doing some research into these components or choosing an all in one Sub Ohm vape tank can be the wisest choice for enjoying your Sub Ohm experience without damaging device components.

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