Push button vape pen remains a very popular choice. According to the new statistics on their usage estimated that around 80% of the millennial generation has tried some form of vape at least once. It's also estimated that the total percentage of the US population that has tried vaping is now in the majority.

Even though they use for vapes has continued to improve there are many people that are still quite unsure how to use their own vape pens when they purchase tickets themselves or start into the process of vaping for the first time at home. There are still large groups of people that don't regularly use push button vape pens and this means that they are widely confused when they do decide to pick up one of these devices for themselves.

There are certainly some vaporizers on the market that can be difficult to operate with many temperature settings and with a variety of modifications that can improve the quality of flavors a user can enjoy. What most people do when they purchased their first vaporizer is look into a product that can deliver a fairly standard experience and a push button operation.

In this article we are going to go through some of the easiest ways that you can use a push button vape pen so that you can feel prepared for the process of inhaling from a standard vape pen. Learning some of these techniques could help you when you pick up your own starter kit or start using a push button vape pen pen for the first time.

How to prepare for use?

Before you use a push button vape pen for the first time you will also need to make sure that the device is properly charged and calibrated for use. To get started with this process you need to first charge up the device and then take the time to load the cartridge that will contain e-juice, wax or dried herbs into the device.

Your manufacturer's manual will take you through everything that you'll need to do to properly prepare your device. When you're confident that the device is properly charged up for the LED light on the front shows you that the battery has been appropriately charged to full, you can work at taking some of your first draws from the device. Make sure that you clean off the mouthpiece before your first use especially if the device is coming directly from the factory or you've purchased a secondhand.

How to activate your push button vape pen?

Most push button vape pens all have the same operation that occurs through one button on the vaporizer. Once you have the device loaded up you can push the button according to the manufacturer's directions for heating. Most common push button vape pen pens heat up with five clicks on the device. You can also change the seat settings on the device with three clicks which will adjust the temperature sensor. By clicking them five times again you can turn the device off and it often rapidly cools down so that you can safely cover up the vape and store it.

Some push button tapes have an even simpler operation in which you will have to hold the button to heat the device up and create vapor. If you have a push button heat chamber you might be directed by the manufacturer to continue holding down the button as you draw from the device. This could mean activating the device and then pushing down on the button as you draw from the device clicking the button off when you are finished.

Indication lights:

Most vapes also come with some form of indication lights to go along with their push button operations. Unless you mod your device is very difficult to understand what's actually going on inside with out some type of monitor or display. This is why many manufacturers include LED indicator lights that can show you what your vape is doing. The indicator lights will showcase the way that your device is heating up when the heat settings are occurring. When the device starts to cool down there might be a second indicator light or the indicator lights may turn off completely when the device is not powered on.

Indicator lights also pay a particular importance while you are charging the device. These LED display lights often showcase the amount of battery power that your device still has. You may need to keep a close eye on these indicator lights in order to determine when your device has fully heated and when it is ready for use.

Preheat functions:

Some push button vape pens also come with a preheat function on the device as well. Check into instructions from your manufacturer to determine if your vape pen has a preheat function on it. This can help to get the coils ready for you to draw from the device discreetly and quickly. A device that preheat can often give you superior level of flavor and improvements when it comes to the speed of use.

A preheat function often occurs when you press the button twice on your device. The preheated coil will then be ready for you to draw from. You can see a light up effect on the indicator lights indicating that the device is preheating. When it is properly preheated you might be able to only press the button once to have the ability to draw from the device and enjoy a better quality flavor.

Getting preheat functions with a push button vape pen will make sure that you are ready to enjoy your vape with a very quick function. The double press is very simple to manage and it can be especially useful if you are going to be using your device on cooler days. If you live in a colder climate preheating works in much the same way that you waste heat up a car before you depart. Making sure that your vape device is ready to heating will ensure that you will be ready for fast vaping and it will make sure the material inside can reach an optimal temperature.

How to adjust heating settings?

Many types of advanced vapes will come with heating settings to help you get the right flavors from your device. Most of the vape pens will come with a low setting, medium and high. Some devices may even come with up to five heating settings to choose from when the vaporizer is heating up for use as well.

Choosing a low heating setting on your vaporizer could be a wise idea if you are using certain types of e juice or material. Choosing a lower setting will help you to prevent the process of heating material to their smoking point. If you regularly experience a hot or burning sensation with vapor from your device, adjusting the heating settings could be all that you need to do to create a better experience.

How to inhale for the first time?

If you don't use a vaporizer regularly it's very important you learn how to take a draw from the vape pen. A standard draw from the device is going to be different from the way that you might prime the device and make sure that it's working. When you are using your device after changing settings or directly under the package it's a good idea to take a few very small puffs which are called primer puffs. These paths are some of the best ways that you can make sure that the oil inside is properly heated and that the coils you are using are primed accordingly.

To start the primer puffs, create a tight seal around the mouthpiece with no gaps and then begin taking a few steady draws from the device. Activate the push button as instructed previously and then take a few puffs that last between 3 to 5 seconds. Exhale these puffs very slowly and in an idea of the flavor. If you aren't experiencing much of the flavor or the flavor appears to be too hot or burnt you may be able to adjust the temperature as necessary. Once you have the device dialed in at the right temperature and you're getting an excellent quality of flavor you can start taking some longer draws from the device.

Manual push button vape pen

For many people their purchase starter kits, there is often an assumption that a device is going to continue seeing contents after the user presses the buttons on the vape. You won't be able to inhale immediately after the device start state heat up and there are some manual control vaporizers as well. Some starter vaporizers have a push button operation that will set up the device and get it heated.

There are some disposable vaporizers on the market that automatically seat and that are breath activated. If you grow used to one of these devices it can often be a bit tricky to switch over to a push button design or the button sequences will dictate everything that's going on with your device

Can you use a push button vape pen with CBD oil?

Using a push button vape pen with dry materials or wax can often be different experience than using oil. If you've got a device that uses a push button feature and that can work with multiple atomizers, you need to keep a close eye on the temperature of your vape pen when switching over to e-juice or CBD oils.

When using e liquid ingredients you can oversee the contents much more easily. Concentrates often require a much higher heating point before you can experience the proper flavors. Dialing the right heat for vape juice can take time and often requires you to gradually increase the seat on the device so that you can find the ideal temperature for the flavors you're working with.

Different types of E juice will have different this cost city depending on the materials that make them up. Usually it's best to stick with an oil or e juice that is built for use with the device from your manufacturer. Using a disposable oil capsule that works with a starter vaporizer can be a great way to make sure you are using a product that's been approved for use with your device. This is how many people get started.

Once you have some experience dialing in your device and trying a few different types of E-juice, you could switch from a Seal style vaporizer over to a refillable style tank vaporizer.

Should I consider a disposable vaporizer?

A common vaporizer that many people start with because of its ease of use is a disposable vaporizer. Disposable vaporizer is often come with a push button operation and prefilled cartridges. This is often one of the cheapest ways that you can get started with vaping but it's definitely not the cheapest option overall.

The battery in a disposable vaporizer will come charged up and ready to use but if you find yourself becoming a regular user of vaporizers you might find that you'll be going through a disposable vaporizer once every few weeks. If you find yourself to be a regular vaporizer user it may be a wise idea to get a push button device that could be used with a refillable tank. Larger vaporizers that are not disposable are often designed with larger batteries, improved flavors and the ability to quickly refill the tanks. Having the option to refill your tank could give you access to more e-juice and the chance that you could enjoy a much longer level of functions throughout the day. A refillable tank also gives you the option to try out many different types of e juice flavors without having to commit to a large capsule. This is because you'll be able to mix together several different E juice righties to experiment with flavors of your own.

Troubleshooting with your device/Using the lights:

There are certain warning lights that many manufacturers also add in on vaporizers. If your device is acting strangely or you are having trouble getting the proper vapor from your device you might want to consider troubleshooting based off of the lights on the side. If you have an LED display and you happen to notice some of these common warning lights, you can make some quick adjustments as necessary. Here are some of the top warnings to watch for:

Blinking red/no lights: A blinking red light often means that a device requires a recharge and that the battery has completely died. Plugging your device into its charger until the lights read green again will help to make sure that you can get your device back up and running.

Blinking white light: A blinking white light often has to do with the battery or cartridge that can't be identified. If there is material in between the sensors on your device where the battery impacts the coil, this could just require a quick brushing off. If your battery has not been appropriately secured or a new tank is incompatible with your device this could also be the reason why the light is continuing to blink.

Pink blinking light: A blinking pink light is the sign that a cartridges screwed into the battery much too tightly. When the cartridge in the battery are screwed together in a tight fashion this can place extra pressure on the battery and lead to a risk of the device breaking. Many devices have safeguards in place in order to prevent the chance the battery could overload with the immense pressure of it being screwed into tightly. Loosening your battery or loosening the cartridge that impacts the battery could help to make sure that your device gets up and running again.

What accessories are needed with a push button vape pen?

If you have a push button vaporizer there are also a series of accessories that you might want to consider to upgrade the functions of your vaporizer. With regular use on your push button vape pen, some essential vaporizer accessories can really help you to enjoy a better experience and use the full and versatile options that are with your device.

Carrying container: Sometime push button vape vaporizers can be quite fragile so grabbing a carrying case or some type of container for your vaporizer could help to make sure that it stays safe and that he doesn't have the option to get crushed. If you regularly use a vaporizer with a backpack you might want to consider using a carrying case so that it won’t be impacted by other items in your bag.

Dab tool: If you are going to be using your vaporizer with solid materials or wax your going to need a dab tool. These tools are perfect for picking up wax and placing them in the vaporizer without adding contaminants to the material from your hands.


If you do plan on using a simple starter vaporizer that has a push button design, always make sure that you read over the owners manual first. Making sure that you're always using compatible materials when upgrading your device or changing of components is essential to enjoying a long-lasting vaporizer. Following instructions for heating your vaporizer and enjoying it can also make sure that you get the best vapor.

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