What is a vape pen cartridge

If you are looking for tools that can provide the ultimate in portability with any vaporizer you should highly consider the use of a vaporizer device that uses a cartridge style system for its e-juice storage. These cartridge style vapes do not require the use of refillable e-juice and can be swapped out of a vape easily.

Vape pen cartridges are typically designed using a glass, stainless steel or heat resistant plastic material. The cartridges slot into place on vaporizer devices and they deliver a stream of e-liquid into the device they can be converted into vapor. 

Vape pen cartridges have become one of the favorites for beginner vapers. They can be purchased alongside the devices and they are extremely portable and quick to swap out on the fly. For users that are busy and on the go, there is no need to fight with a refillable tank that requires a syringe or vial. You can just slot the cartridge in, wait for the e-juice to touch the wick and start vaping. 

Prefilled cartridges became extremely popular when the world was introduced to disposable hand held vapes. The use of vape pens and disposable vape products continued to spur the growth of the cartridge style systems for e-juice. People enjoyed the accessibility and the prefilled cartridges can come with a dose of e-juice that is extremely fresh and potent as well. 

Prefilled cartridges can be the easiest method for vaping and they can come with nicotine, CBD and a number of other products built into the mixture. The nicest part about using these vape pens with cartridges is that today they have evolved to the point where there is now a massive selection of flavors. You have more choice than ever out of a vape pen cartridge.

How a cartridge is used with a vape pen

Cartridges on vape pens are formatted with specialty threads and locks that connect them to compatible vaporizers. Most types of vape pen cartridges are built by the same manufacturer that builds the vape pens themselves. Often the compatible cartridge will come in an intro kit and you can buy replaceable cartridges under the same brand name that the vape product is made from. 

A cartridge will slot in so that the vape juice is in a location that's close to the atomizer. The  cartridge slides into the device, it locks and then the  E-juice can drip down into the atomizer with the wick.  

The types of vape pen cartridges

There are two main types of vape pen cartridges that are available on the market. They are often cartridge and battery combos or completely disposable vape pen cartridges. 

Battery combos:

These often come with a threaded style cartridge. The battery and the cartridge are inserted into the device and they are designed to power the vaporizer and emit the juice. The nice part about battery combos is that the battery power is often adjusted by the manufacturer to ensure optimal vapor for each flavor. The cartridge will come preprogrammed and set up to produce the best flavor, from the moment it is purchased. 

Disposable and prefilled oil:

These are often sold as a complete unit. The cartridges here will not often slot into a vaporizer and they are designed for a disposable use. You will get the full vape pen and everything that you need to vape with a pre-charged battery and on board e juice cartridge. After the cartridge is empty, you throw everything out and buy a new one. These days of cartridges cannot be separated from their battery and they are not designed for quick replacement. 

Distillate vs CO2

Cartridges are slightly different from refillable e juice because the contents in the cartridge has to have an ideal viscosity to vaporize using the smaller atomizers on board. Most manufacturers produce their cartridges using oils in distillate and CO2:

CO2 oil:

CO2 oil does not require any type of additive to reach the level of viscosity that's needed for atomizer use with a vape pen. These are mostly made up of plant-based ingredients and they are designed for a series of different flavors. 


Distillates are common for use with CBD products. The health ingredients in CBD and ham is distilled into a vapor cartridge reaching the proper viscosity in an oil. Thinning agents are often used in these cartridges to make sure that the vaporizer doesn't clog and that the oil is at the right viscosity for use.

Various additives:

Vape cartridge coils do often contain thinning agents and other additives for flavor. These are all food safe ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and coconut oil to work at maximizing the efficiency of the device. Without the additives you would not have the great flavors of the quality vapor that you might come to expect from your vape cartridge.

Troubleshooting tips for fixing vape pen cartridgs

If you are having problems with a vape pen cartridge, there could be a number of reasons why your vape is functioning inefficiently. Here are some top troubleshooting tips for fixing up your vape pen cartridge:

Wait for the wick to soak:

If you've just changed out your vape pen cartridge on a replaceable cartridge vaporizer, you will need to make sure that the wick in the atomizer is properly soaked before you activate the device. Activating the device too early can burn out your atomizer and it can lead to a burnt taste in your mouth. Spending the appropriate amount of time to make sure that the wick is fully soaked will preserve the lifespan of your device. 

Check to make sure it is fastened correctly:

Checking to make sure that a pen cartridge is properly fastened into the device is important. Check the threads and make sure that it's fully screwed into the device and that the battery can power on the coil. If there is a latch or clasping mechanism, make sure that this is properly fastened before activating the device. 

Check compatibility:

If you have purchased vape pen cartridges which are not from the same manufacturer, you might have issues with changing out the vape pen cartridge on your device. Make sure that you are only accessing vape pen cartridges which are of the same manufacturer. This will make sure that you can get the optimal flavors and a cartridge that's designed for use with your device. 

Check for leaks:

On occasion there can be some small leaks within your device. Issues like broken seals or even a crack in your cartridge can lead to problems with vapor and a lack of flavor from your vape. If you notice excessive dripping from around your vape, there could be a hole in the cartridge. 

Using Vape pen cartridges effectively:

When you first unboxed your device it's important to read the instructions to learn the manufacturer specific methods for using your vape pen cartridges. Some of the generic instructions that you might receive from the average vape pen might include:

Charge your device before powering it on:

Many vape pens come with a USB adaptor and battery on board that's designed for recharging. You may need to open up the port for your USB charger and then plug it into a power source before you begin the process of charging the device. There's likely going to be an indicator on the device when it's fully charged and it's usually best to enjoy the device for the first time when it reaches this full charge. 

Make sure the battery and cartridge are connected:

Making sure that the battery and cartridge are connected means screwing the cartridge and the battery and making sure that there aren’t any blockages preventing the device from fully locking. 

Turn the device on:

Every device will turn on differently and most of the time you might have to press the power button several times in order for the device to reach the point where it will produce vapor. 

Adjust temperature settings:

Vape pen cartridges can sometimes come with temperature settings on the side. Adjusting the temperature settings could mean pressing the power button a certain number of times to reach the optimal heating temp for the e juice. 

Press the button or inhale:

Certain manufacturers activate the device on the mouth draw, others require you to press a button during the inhalation process. A pen can be very different from smoking a cigarette so it's important to take a smaller puff at first so you can prevent the chance of irritation in your lungs from the hot vapor. 

Advantages of Vape pen cartridges

Using vape pen cartridges instead of refillable vapes can come with a number of advantages for the average user. Some of the top reasons to use vape pen cartridges include:

  • Their portability:

This remains one of the easiest ways that you can start vaping. Rather than having to learn how to fill up the liquid in a device, everything can be taken care of for you. There's no need for measurements, for spending extra time soaking the coil or prepping the device to accept new e-liquid. You also don't need to store extra e liquid around for refilling either. With the minimalist design of these vape pen cartridges, you can enjoy a device that can be easily carried around in your pocket or bag with a minimal need for extra components. 

  • The ease of starting:

Getting started is super easy. With prefilled oil cartridges, you just need to insert the cartridge and the device or by a completely disposable device that is ready to use. Many products like this are designed so that you don't even have to charge the battery, they work right out of the container and you can be vaping in just a few moments. The prefilled devices don't even require loading and reloading them with cartridges usually takes just a few moments. This offers a clear advantage over many of the other kids that require extensive instructions, power options and more for the reloading process. 

  • The quality of doses:

The dose of any materials like CBD or flavor that carried in a cartridge vape juice is always going to be designed for a better experience. There's no need for you to set up your device for burning specialized e juice or even calibrating elements of your vaporizer every time that you switch flavors. Manufacturers produce these cartridges so that they are compatible with their vaporizers and ready to use whenever someone inserts a new cartridge. The quality of the dose and the quality of the vapor is going to be the same every time that you draw from the device and there's no need for extra adjustments. 

Where you can buy Vape pen cartridges

Vape pen cartridges are widely available online as well as in many convenience stores. You can purchase a variety of these cartridges from the manufacturer directly as well. If you have decided to use a specific type of vaporizer, check out the manufacturer's website to learn more about the types of products that they have available and the flavors that they use for vape pens. Learning more about this information will help to make sure you can get a pleasing flavor for your vape pen cartridge replacement. VapeNico offers you all kinds of vape pen cartridges with good quality and lower price.

If you are just getting started with vaping or you would like one of the most convenient ways that you can enjoy quality flavors with your vaping, you have got to try the process of using a vape pen cartridge. Using these types of vaporisers can really take the guesswork out of the process and add new convenience to vaping. With the added portability and ease of use, you may never need another vaporizer if you decide to use a vape pen with cartridges. When you purchase these devices just make sure to check into manufacturer requirements and to perform the troubleshooting steps in this article should you run into problems. 

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