Most cannabis users are commonly looking towards two main ingredients in the strains of marijuana that they purchase. THC content in high forms generally makes a particular strain of marijuana much more desirable for someone that's looking to get psychoactive effects. High potency products have become oversaturated with in the market and while most people are chasing me psychoactive effects they're often ignoring the non-intoxicating compounds that can be found in marijuana.

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound that is particularly beneficial for health. CBD is a cannabinoid and it is derived from the cannabis plant but it influences human health, our mood and more in very different ways.

The chemical differences between CBD and THC

The chemical differences between CBD and THC:

CBD and THC are quite similar chemically. The molecule structure of CBD and THC both contain 30 hydrogen atoms, two oxygen atoms and 21 carbon atoms. It's the way that the atoms are rearranged that affects the way that each property affects our body.

The absorption of THC and CBD is somewhat similar because her body contains endocannabinoids. The interaction between a cannabinoid receptors releases neurotransmitters in the brain but the chemicals share a different role in the way that they affect these receptors.

Psychoactive differences between CBD and THC:

The receptors that are affected by CBD and THC are responsible for the symptoms we experience for immune system functions, sleep, stress, and the way that we experience pain. The psychoactive effects that are produced by CBD are very different because it doesn't affect these receptors to cause the psychoactive high that we would get from THC.

THC binds to a cannabinoid receptor called CB one and this produces the sense of euphoria that's fairly common in high THC strains of marijuana or need use that's infused with CBD.

CBD is something that binds to these receptors in a week way. It does affect CB one receptors but it actually goes towards dampening me psychoactive effects and producing more of a feeling of calm. A balance strain of cannabis that contain CBD and THC could have the CBD working to tone down the psychoactive effects of the THC.

How the law sees these different compounds

How the law sees these different compounds:

THC still faces a number of issues with legality. In many states medical marijuana with high levels of THC is completely legal, in some states high THC strains are perfect for recreational marijuana as well. There are still some severe penalties for using cannabis strains that contain high THC mixtures in certain dates across the USA. Because recreational marijuana has not been made a nationwide effort, there are some legal restrictions on the sale and purchase of THC heavy strains.

CBD is a widely recognized legal medical cannabinoid. Most states allow for the sale of hemp and strains of marijuana which are high in CBD and very low in THC. If you are buying a product like E juice that is infused with CBD, you can purchase with confidence knowing that you will not face any type of legal penalties as a result of making your purchase.

Cannabis strains with high CBD:

CBD is usually the second most abundant cannabinoid that is found in any strain of cannabis. Most cannabis that is sold for medical purposes that delivers psychoactive effects has a high THC level of between 10 to 30% with very low or trace amounts of CBD. Strains which are high in CBD typically have a ratio between 5 to 20% with a THC ratio of 5% or under.

CBD strains deliver extremely clearheaded effects and a number of health improvements. Rather than feeling the sense of euphoria that you might typically get with a THC high strain, you can enjoy medical benefits and ongoing health benefits just as you would with any other type of health supplement.

How is CBD consumed?

CBD can be consumed in just the same way that you would a high THC strain of marijuana. Many people choose to smoke CBD or even take edibles that are infused with CBD cannabis. One of the most popular ways to consume CBD today is with a vaporizer. Vaporizing CBD Oil which is derived from the strains of cannabis or even vaporizing the CBD rich flowers can produce very effective results.

You can also vaporize strains of cannabis or marijuana that contain high doses of CBD and very low doses of THC. Using a dryer vaporizer, you can heat up the material to extract the CBD via the vapor inside. CBD oil can often be a much more cost-effective method over dry herb however.

The benefits to using E-juice to vaporize CBD often come down to improvements with purity and cost over the dry herb. E-juice that contains CBD is often derived from hemp and as a result it can deliver the same benefits but in fine-tuning doses of CBD that are less expensive to produce.

How is THC consumed?

Most THC is consumed in the form of edibles or dry flowers. THC oil and waxes do exist but they are not always readily available even in states where THC products are completely legal. The most efficient and safe way to consume THC is with the help of a dry herb vaporizer.

By using a dry herb vaporizer you can place a high THC strain of marijuana into the device and turn the THC cannabinoid inside into an easy to consume vapor. The device will heat up the dried flowers and extract the THC to produce the psychoactive effects that you are seeking. A vaporizer will heat up the dried herbs to nearly 450° f to produce the vapor. Through the battery-operated device or desktop vaporizer, you can experience the positive and euphoric effects of high THC strains more efficiently.

You can also easily acquired THC through smoking marijuana. The only drawback to combusting marijuana is this can lead to the possibility of harmful chemicals and carcinogens getting into your lungs. Vaping eliminates the need for combustion and insurers that the lungs can simply absorb the beneficial THC from the marijuana.

Medical benefits of CBD:

CBD can help with a wide range of conditions. Some of the most common types of conditions that CBD can improve include assistance with:

  • Opioid withdrawal
  • MS
  • Crohn’s disease
  • PTSD
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • And more

CBD can help to manage a variety of different conditions and this is being studied in a number of medical journals currently. Perhaps one of the most famous findings of recent note was CBD assisting patients with treating pediatric epilepsy. With a treatment using high CBD strains of flowers, suffers from this juvenile form of epilepsy were able to overcome their seizure symptoms.

Most patients that sever from severe conditions like epilepsy or chronic pain find that high CBD strains or regular doses with a vaporizer containing CBD e-juice can help them to control their symptoms quite effectively.

CBD VS THC: The side effects you might experience:

CBD is well tolerated by the body even when consumed in large doses. Most would recommend limiting your dose of CBD unless you suffer from a condition that requires large doses of CBD such as epilepsy or extreme chronic pain. Understanding your dose of CBD is often important and that means experimenting to find a level that will give you health benefits without making you feel overtired or lethargic.

The symptoms a better sleep are really the only main side effect caused by CBD. Further study needs to be completed to learn more about the drug drug interactions between CBD and other pharmaceuticals. If you are planning on regularly taking CBD or using ejuice that contains CBD, you should highly consider the option to consult your doctor before you start supplementing.

THC on the other hand can cause a number of side effects. Most of the THC related side effects are extremely temporary and they are not particularly severe. High THC strains of cannabis can produce an increasing your heart rate, problems with coordination, dry mouth, slower reaction times, the loss of memory and red eyes.

Neither of these compounds has any type of fatal effects or major side effects associated with them. High user THC is connected with a series of long-term negative psychiatric affects but the long-term use of CBD related products often only leads to improvements with positive health effects.

CBD versus THC: what shows up in a drug test:

CBD and THC are commonly stored throughout body fat and as a result they can show up within drug tests several weeks after you use them. Most common drug tests today do not detect the presence of CBD but there are some more sensitive testing methods that will detect CBD in your system. Some varieties of hemp and CBD labeled oil may contain a small trace amount of THC. Even if you are not purchasing these products for THC you do run the risk that you could test positive for THC if you do not observe the label well.

Why do people commonly confused CBD and THC if they are different compounds?

Because THC and CBD are both present in cannabis, it's fairly easy to lump them together as well as some of the health effects that they can produce. Hemp often contains CBD and THC but with a majority stake in CBD as a cannabinoid. Strains of marijuana have higher concentration of THC.

Hemp remains the ideal source for CBD oil and most manufacturers will produce ejuice and CBD oil using only the finest quality hemp products. The extraction methods that they use are often to preserve the maximum amount of CBD and with the best quality plants available to them. The ideal source for CBD remains hemp and most manufacturers will not use marijuana strains in order to produce CBD oil for vaping.

Most average marijuana strains will contain at least 12% THC but CBD oil contains a shockingly low amount of THC that may have been present in the hemp plant it was derived from. Most CBD oils and E juice is will contain no more than .3% of THC and this ensures that they can be legally sold anywhere in the United States. Most producers work to get this number even lower ensuring that they meet legal requirements and so that they can deliver maximum benefits of CBD to the user without the chance for any of the psychoactive effects of THC.


 THC and CBD are both considered extremely safe and they both have their own medical benefits. THC does remain illegal across the entire nation but many states are starting to soften on the idea of THC use and legal recreational marijuana. Before you go ahead and purchase an e-juice or product that contains THC you should strongly consider checking out the laws in your state.

When looking at a product that contains CBD, keep in mind that most hemp derived products will produce less than 0.3% THC and this makes a CBD oil product like e-juice a completely safe product that you can purchase legally and enjoy.

What's very important before you start taking CBD oil is to check with your doctor beforehand. Although CBD has very low side effects when compared to THC there has been no long-term studies on the side effects and interactions with other pharmaceutical drugs. If you are taking any other types of medication it's very important to speak to your physician first. The benefits of CBD could be extremely helpful for your condition. Vaping using CBD is one of the greatest ways that you can enjoy fast and efficient doses of CBD throughout your day. Speaking to your doctor if you are on any other type of medication does remain crucial before you start the process of safely vaping and feeling the health benefits of CBD.

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